Is This Michael Sam’s Luv-ah?

MICHAELSAMLOVEReveryone meet michael sam’s alleged ^boyfriend.
one of my absolutely favorite f-bi just sent me this gem in an email.
you already know what i think…
tumblr_mm4s60n8Xk1s49x9io1_400well whats the color for “not shocked”?
i think i want to wear it to bed tonight.

lowkey: i just made a category called,
“where is my britney spears gif?”
i am so grateful my site has f-bi sending me these exclusives.
thank you so m
uch for everyone who helps contribute.
teamwork makes the dream work.

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36 thoughts on “Is This Michael Sam’s Luv-ah?”

  1. No big surprised. That why I really didn’t care about him coming out, but seriously what is it with gay black athletes dating mayonnaise now? I should shut the fuck up because I’m an Afro-Latino, so it not really my place to say.

  2. He dated White Girls @ Hitchcock High School so Im not surprised.Just like Jason Collins dated White women.It’s not a Gay thing. Why is it 1/2 of Black ballers dont have Black wives or girlfriends or even Black baby mamas?
    As for the guy in the pic I wonder if he is the College Swimmer he was dating last year or another guy?

    1. This is a myth. I worked at at an establishment regularly frequented by athletes. The vast majority of the Black men had Black girlfriends/wives. Lots of the women were very regular looking as well.

  3. Y COLETTE I’m gonna be honest.All the Black dudes that I know who are with White women seem to only be with them because they’re… I don’t know the word but I wanna say submissive and weak-willed.The dude can walk all over them and they just take it.They’re basically push-overs and at the same time, whores.All the White chicks get around and have actually been caught by me and other family members more than once getting down with other dudes even though they’re in a relationship.That’s a contradicting oxymoron.A weak-willed skank.

    I think Black women are too strong-willed for them.Most Non-White women seem to be strong-willed.That’s why you don’t see Black men getting with Asian women either.

    As for Michael Sam’s alleged man.Now y’all know better.We ain’t supposed to be judging because love is love and blah blah blah.I think we should stop making this an issue because like I said in the previous post, the media loves to blow something up that isn’t a big deal.If they see us disapproving of these Black dudes with White men, all the usual suspects will show up on TV to exploit their interracial relationships and repeat the same shit that’s been said a million times already.Plus, exploiting interracial relationships and biracial children is the in thing right now.

    Also, the media will use this blog as an example, despite the fact that it’s only 2 or 3 people that are upset.They’ll make it seem like the entire community is like this.

  4. I was just on BGC where they showed this pic on the forums and the place was going crazy, with many saying that it was a white queen pushing him to come out. Many were saying that is the only way a Black man will come out, because he is dating an out white male who demands it. Some say that this is just one of his friends, he is actually dating a Hispanic dude at his college and the streets are saying he is very blessed downstairs lol, and he often leaves the Hispanic dude walking funny around campus. Take the queens of BGC with a grain of salt because they are prone for fuckery. Real talk I was hoping maybe he was into brothers being from Texas but alas I think it may be some grain of truth to the fact that he is involved with other races being that were he is at is predominantly Caucasian, and everyone of the Black athletes who have come out have been with white dudes or dudes of other races.


  6. I’m here for all the fuckery this will bring! Strike 1: dating the white queen. Didn’t he learn from Jason 0reo Collins? What will be strike 2?

  7. Robin Roberts, Wanda Sykes, Shawn T, Jason Collins, Magic Johnson’s son, Dom Lemon, Frank Ocean…. What do these individals all have in common with the man pictured above?

    1. Queen Latifah,Raven Symon,Frank Ocean,Tracy Chapman,Wanda Sykes,Don Lemon what do they have in common? They all have had or currently have Black partners,spouses,etc .

  8. Some of you must wake up to be butthurt about something. Let’s be clear, nearly 90 percent of black men who marry, marry within their own ethnicity, so let’s not get on a soapbox proclaiming that most black men are plowing white men. Plus, we don’t even know if this guy is even his boyfriend!

  9. Good for him I’m not mad at him shit I’ll suck a zac efron dick like I would a micheal b jordon dick at the end of the day dick is dick as long as its not a animals dick ooooooo kaaaaaay?!

  10. So some people question why black gay men date the “mayonnaise”, as Lindo put it. I may have a theory. Maybe it’s because how we (and by we I mean most black gays in general, not necessarily those on this blog) don’t support our own, financially or in relationships. We are quick to pull down other gays of color for the most banal of issues to pick apart about that person but yet still don’t support our own. I hate to make this a color thing but you don’t hear about messy situations among Caucasian gay couples. Take the Peanut / Kerry Rhodes incident. Yeah Peanut / Hollywood whatever is a messy queen for blowing shit out of proportion but you don’t hear about those situations in a gay Caucasian relationship. If you do hear it, it’s a one day story minus the messiness. Instead of supporting each other, we choose to support the people that claim to be our allies yet stab us in the back with the biggest knife they can find. So am I surprised that his potential boyfriend is White? Nope.

    1. Jake I agree with your comment as well.I also feel it applies to the Black community as a whole not just the gay Black community.I’ve been saying what you said for years.

  11. For those who question or are disappointed that he might have a non-black boyfriend, you seem to be overlooking something: he is out. How many of you are out? How many of you would be willing to be the boyfriend of an out brother — celebrity or otherwise? It seems that many on here are not out.

    Michael was probably one of the few blacks on campus and comfortable with his sexuality, so it seems logical he would date those who were available and also comfortable with their sexuality.

    I have some cousins who grew up in my majority black city who moved way out into majority white suburbs, then have the nerve to complain when their sons and daughters start dating and marrying whites. Were they supposed to date the deer and foxes and other wildlife? They dated those humans who were around them.

  12. First off, I don’t really care about any of this hoopla.

    Second, Michael Sam isn’t attractive…like at all. We all know this on some level but some of you all are blinded by all the attention he’s getting knowing damn well you’d call him average at best otherwise.

    So like Robin told Troy’s “leather in the summer time wearing ass”, “A white boy can have his ass!”

    That is all…

  13. Hate to burst the bubble but these two are not together and never have been a couple for that matter. That picture has been on Instagram for months.

  14. y’all choose that picture out of all the other pics on his instagram to say thats his BF?
    i doubt dude even has a BF. furthermore what about the tons of other pics on his Ig where its just him and a dude, there are tons of black dudes and him close together. y’all are lame.

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