Michael Sam Is About To Bring Louie V Baggage To The NFL

Herm_Edwards-1391440344thats what ^he said.
well in so many words.
so ex jets coach herm edwards is kinda not feeling the “michael sam” revolution.
this is what he told espn on sunday…

“When you go into the draft, look at it this way. Let’s say Michael Sams (sic) is not a gay player, but he’s a player that has some issues, off the field issues. The thing you talk about in the organization with the GM and obviously the owner is, can we handle this guy? Can we handle the media that’s going to come along with his situations?” Edwards, a former coach for the New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs, said on ESPN.

“He’s bringing baggage into your locker room. So when you think about Michael Sams (sic), all the sudden, can the players handle the media attention they’re going to get when they get the question asked, ‘Are you OK with a gay teammate?’”

Edwards wasn’t the only one to voice concern about Sam. After the All-American defensive end came out publicly on Sunday, several anonymous NFL executives insisted that the announcement will hurt Sam’s stock in the April draft.

cool off herm and the boys.

welp i have my own thoughts on this story.
i will say i am happy that he is “the new face of gay”.
michael is the “anti-queen”.
too many times,
people think that in order to be gay,
you have to be feminine and all that jibba jabba.
masculine gay men do exist.
they’re playing football,
fixing your toilet,
shooting guns,
playing video games,
and not the “stereotype”.
we are walking among you.
be afraid.
be very afraid.
as far as the “louie v baggage”,
i feel they will turn this into a gigantic media circus.
less “about his talent” and more “his sexuality”.
the fans are the ones that may revolt.
gays don’t really watch football.
the baller wolves yes.
straight wolves do.
luckily some are “eh” on it since this is 2014.
i think many baller wolves know they are surrounded by “us” on their teams.
can one of “us” hit me up?
i’m really interested in how this plays how tho.
my nose will be in this story.

x article courtesy from talking points memo

x see video of interview at deadspin

17 thoughts on “Michael Sam Is About To Bring Louie V Baggage To The NFL

  1. he should have waited until the day after he proved himself to the NFL. It’s too easy for the teams to cut his ass-even if he’s really good. Prospects are dismissed every single day in the NFL.

  2. Ok going in another direction, I think Herm Edwards is a fine ass older dude, he may be old enough to be my daddy but damn he is so good looking. Ok Im through with being shallow, glad Herm aint being shady.

  3. A comment from the original article:

    “The headline and article are misleading. I’ve seen and heard Herm Edwards interviewed twice on this today. Yes, he states what everyone knows: that the team that drafts Michael Sam will draw media attention and that teams will see this as “baggage,” just like any other baggage. But Herm was nothing but positive about his confidence that teams will be able it handle it and locker rooms will be able to handle it just fine. He made very explicit the legitimate comparison between African Americans in leagues and as quarterbacksw and the excuse that the league “wasn’t ready.” And he was nothing but clear that Michael Sam deserves to be drafted. The comments here reflect the totally “outrage of the week” style that the headline and article were written. His comments were made in the context of explaining what teams will actually go through. And guess what, it will be a media circus. This is an important event, and it should be. But Edwards wasn’t even slightly suggesting that a team should consider passing on Michael Sam. The “shock headline” culture is making us more stupid by the hour.”

    1. Thanks for clearing that up.Shock headlines ,sound bites,news in 60 seconds- that seems to be the norm today.
      I’m glad Herm is optimistic .

  4. Herm’s words were taken out of context. He’s previously (i.e. before this case) and today, stated that he supports the introduction of an openly gay player(s) into the NFL. His comments were in reference to the media attention that will inevitably come along with Michael Sams and how teams generally don’t like it. Just look at Tim Tebow. Belichick was the only one who could handle him because he could shut down the media. And that’s exactly what he did. Whereas, while Tebow was in NY, it was hardly about the team and all about when will Tebow play. It conjured up A LOT of resentment in Denver as well.

    In the past, the media attention would surround a player who’s had trouble off the field. However, in this case, it will be towards Michael Sams because he’s openly gay. That’s the connection he was making. I don’t think it was his intent to compare Michael’s situation to baggage, but to say that it can (and will be) a distraction (i.e. “can we handle this guy), but a distraction whose descending from the media. And we all know how aggressive and unrelenting the media can be. Teams want their players to be focused on the season ahead. That’s why Jerome Bettis and Ryan Clarke said earlier, with the agreement of other commentators, that Michael’s decision to come out now was a wise one in that it gives the NFL time to prepare, particularly the players. However, for Michael to up his chances of success, it would be wise to, at the combine and during training camp, to emphasize that he’s own the team to play football and would like all questions to be directed towards football. He’s openly gay, nothing more to talk about, at least during the season. Going forward, judge him off his play, because he’s a football player. In other words, show that he just wants to play football and not turn it into a media spectacle. That would, in their words, go a long way with the organization, players, and help to NORMALIZE it.

  5. Jamari,

    First off, I hope you are feeling much much better. It has been a long ass winter, especially here in the CHI, and thankfully I have remained immune

    This is one Fox who loves all of his sports and watches them religiously. Yes, for the most of us, sports is not something we find entertaining. But, I am, for the most part, a masculine fox who has kick-boxed, wrestled, played basketball, plays golf, floor hockey, beach volley, and tennis. My younger brother by 3 years, who is also Gay, is just as athletic or even more so, and has played in b-ball leagues across the country. My mom hit the Jackpot I tell people. She had two sons, who both are physically fit, athletic, smart, intelligent, and loved unconditionally.

    There are multiple philosophical paradigms when it comes to how Michael Sam should or should not have addressed his orientation. Unless someone is able to empathize with his point of view, then no one, be it Herm Edwards or anyone else who has found some fault with his revelation, will be able to understand Michael Sam’s actions

    1. ^i’m feeling a little better lm.
      did not want to stay in bed any longer.
      thanks for asking.
      i really liked your comment as well.
      its good to see that my site can bring us all together and be comfortable.

  6. the females are already screaming,
    “if kerry rhodes would have come out,
    he would be on a team right now”.
    like why do people use one example to prove everyone should come out?

      1. To clarify he wasnt about to get outed by an ex or a friend.A NFL scout found out about him.His agent intimated he would have come out but probably after the draft.They had to move up timetable.There was no ” Peanut” about to out him.

  7. Well, like Deon Sanders said, he’s not the first gay player but he is the first gay player to come out.

    The NFL should be kind of used to deal with these off field issues by now even though they’re not issues.It’s not like they have a problem with players that impregnate a woman who isn’t their wife or girlfriend.

    If he’s not beating anybody then his orientation shouldn’t be a problem.He’s already shown that he can do his job well and give that testosterone fueled screaming back to his opponents.

    I hate that the media blows shit up because they’re so desperate for a story and so desperate for all of us to debate/bicker back and forth.We all know when one of the players on another team loses a game they’ll slip and call him faggot which will then blow up on ESPN and other News stations.

    I kinda wish he had just kept it to himself.

    1. His agent says he was about to be outed,at the senior bowl, scouts and people in the media were bringing it up.So decided to tell his story before he was outed.They flew him out to LA,hooked up with publicists.Jason Collins tweeted he spent 2 days with Michael helping him prep for the interview.A guy from Outsports.com was there as well.

    2. Zen Buddha, the fact that he has made that declaration is liberating to many gay boys and girls to live their lives “out loud” and may help some not committ suicide or think that there is something wrong with them or that they cannot be politicians, judges, athletes, etc. In liberating himself, he also contributed to liberating others. That’s one value of his actions.

  8. Isn’t it funny they never mention baggage or distractions when it comes to ballers with multiple baby mamas,DUIs,arrests for assault,drug possesion,etc

    1. You got that right. Such baggage is seldom mentioned then–but it is mentioned occasionally upon such circumstances. The difference here is that Sam’s sexual orientation is not for immoral or illegal or criminal behavior. It’s just a part of who he is.

  9. We are already in the NFL. That’s why I dont get why players say they wouldn’t be comfortable. We are already around them, and yea we are checking them out on the low too so what? Damn I would love to be in a men’s locker room.

    Michael seems cool, and he seems so manly too. I like him already.

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