“Do You Have HIV? Check Box 1 For Yes…”

tumblr_mnzltkbu651qjmj78o1_1280imagine stickin’ that “sheeps gut” condom in you?
aye yi yi.
it looks like with enough friction,
it would cause a fire.
so dean,
active participant in my foxhole,
left this hiv consent form in the box about the pstar giving out hiv.
i had to wonder if by doing this,
would it really make a difference?
this is what dean had to say/ask

On a related subject, there is so much “I told him that I was HIV-positive” and “No, he never told me that he was HIV-positive” going on that people who are HIV-positive or who have other STDs (like herpes) should consider using a form like:

HIV Disclosure Form
I__________ certify that to my knowledge and belief that I am 1. HIV—negative/2. HIV positive/3. I don’t know my HIV status (circle one or cross out two). I was last tested for HIV infection on or about___________ at_________. I do/do not attach a paper document representing my test results.


Printed Name_______________________________

Acknowledgement of Receipt

By (Printed Name)______________________________



Such a form may take the spontaneity/romance out of sexual encounters but it would apparently put some much needed sobriety in sexual encounters. My guess is that the use of such a form routinely would cut HIV transmission rates by 90%.

How about it, Jamari? Should such be adopted? Why? Why not?

whitney-1i can see a wolf laying on top of me and we kissin.
he is grindin and dry humpin me.
his hardness is literally sitting on my stomach.
he wants it.
i want it.
he pulls his boxer brief’s off and then BAM!
i hit him with the “not so fast buddy!“.
sounds like,
“hard on deflated” mixed with “where are my pants?”.

tumblr_my6v4xcMaC1si245xo1_500someone said on here that someone could present you with test results,
but contracted hiv the day before.
honestly i don’t think a form would do any good.
giving it up is now based on your better judgment.
the other people could be a complete liar.
sadly we live in a world now where everyone we fuck,
we may have to look at it like it’s our last.
we could be that next story people talk about.
the next person i blog about.
good question tho dean.
i say “no” to the form.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on ““Do You Have HIV? Check Box 1 For Yes…””

  1. I say no to the form too.
    Getting tested TOGETHER, educating each other about safe sex, STDs, HIVs & AIDS and all that jazz & practicing safe sex to the fullest is and will always be the route I suggest.
    A piece of paper is not going to reduce or stop anything.

    1. I totally agree with you! I know couple of people who aren’t a couple, but they do have natural or raw sex but they get test regularly together and made an agreement with each other.

  2. The use of the form is not about “going raw” or “not using condoms” and it’s not about whether they lie or tell the truth. IT’S ABOUT HAVING THE DISCUSSION AND DOCUMENTING THE ANSWERS! HAVING THE DISCUSSION AND DOCUMENTING THE ANSWERS HAVE VALUE. Having the discussion and documenting the answers have value. (Universal condom use is not the answer because condoms, tear and come off. AND WHEN USED PROPERLY FOR PREGNANCY PREVENTION, CONDOMS ARE ONLY 90%-95% EFFECTIVE. SO, I SUSPECT THAT WHEN USED PROPERLY FOR HIV TRANSMISSION PREVENTION, CONDOMS ARE LIKELY LESS THAN 100% EFFECTIVE.)

    Well, thanks Jamari, for asking the fellas about it. But I think that HIV should be discussed early and often and before any “laying on top” or “kissin or “grindin” or “dry humpin” or shedding of clothes. A discussion of safer sex and HIV should take place when both are sober and not drunk from being horny. Specifically, if you are HIV-positive, such form may keep you from being jailed for not disclosing your HIV status to your sex partner. And, if you are HIV-negative, such a form brings up the subject of HIV in a forthright manner. (Condoms would still be used because people can test as HIV-negative on Monday and serioconvert to HIV-positive status on Tuesday–or later Monday and any HIV-negative results only says that you were negative 2-4 weeks before the test–not that you are negative now. And condoms should still be used because people lie everyday.)

    I do contend that if the form were in “universal” use, then the HIV transmission rate would fall sharply because it would force a sober discussion of HIV. On the other hand, HIV discussions are often avoided and people will say anything to bust a nut–especially when they are horny.

    (This reminds me of the time I met a guy that I like and considered that we might make a good relationship. We told each other our HIV statuses–negative and I asked him to go to the HIV clinic so that we could be tested together. He refused. He blocked me on Adam4Adam.com and he refused to take any phone calls from me. I wonder why. My best guess as to his behavior is that he was HIV-positive and didn’t want his lie revealed. Everybody wants to go to heaven but no body wants to do what’s required to get there. Same here. Everybody want to be HIV-negative but few people want to do what’s required to get there, namely discuss and deal with sex and HIV in a sober manner before indulging in sexual behavior.) And as long as people refuse to deal with sex and HIV in a sober manner, HIV infection rates will continue to be high.

    1. Thanks for bringing this up, Dean. It’s a conversation that needs to be had, especially since the raw sex videos seem to be all the rage, as well as the fact we are two generations into the epidemic. Many younger people have not seen up close the carnage that devastated our community. So many of our brightest were caught unawares as the virus spread throughout the community before rearing its head with those first few cases before we even had a name for it.

      Yes, “the” conversation ought to occur well before jumping into the bed and before being caught up in the heat of the moment. I always ask people to ask themselves when the question arises of whether or not a condom is to be used: am I willing to put my life into the hands of this person? I think it is a sobering question.

      It’s great that we can, without knowing each other from throughout the country and around the world, engage these discussions while enjoying the eye candy.

      1. I also agree with you that guy, who didn’t want to get tested with you and blocked you, was lying to you; he was probably positive.

    2. What about the people who are promiscuous? Are they supposed to test every person? That’s where shit gets complicated. People aint gonna go through that with every damn person lol. Y’all already know I believe in monogamy, but MOST in the life don’t. Dudes are hot in the ass, and they let every dude get it.

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