“So Jeffrey, What Kind of Gay Are You?”

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 8.02.44 PM“jeffery what kind of gay are you?
so there are all kinds of gays in here.
so there are subcultures in the culture.
aaah i’ll teach you.
so you have the guys who are feminine over there.
then you have the butch ones who are over there.
then you have the butch queens.
and then you the queeeens.
which one are you?
you’re one of them jeffrey.
you’ll figure it out i guess.
okay maybe you’re right.
maybe there is a breed i don’t know about,
which is rare,
because i know and luhhhh the kids.”
– candace to jeffrey in the gay club, sabotage.
you know i vomited at that scene right?


any thoughts on poor jeffrey’s first night at the gay club?

25 thoughts on ““So Jeffrey, What Kind of Gay Are You?”

  1. Look Jeffrey goes to a gay club in a tight tank top with a cut V-Neck. That shirt ScREaMs gay!!! A guy who just came out wouldn’t go to a gay club dressed like that. He would be wearing shades and a baseball cap (LOL!). I’m saying this because I know hella plenty dudes who roll like that.

    I just find it stupid that a psychologists, a person who has studied human behavior, would be so clueless and unsure about the coming out process. Shit before I went over the gay world I read several very good books on the issue so I knew what to expect.

    Jeffrey’s character just doesn’t add up. Would you hire a person like Jeffrey to help you deal with depression, or grief, or stress or other issues psychologists help people with. Hell no although I would hire him by the hour just to look at him leaning over me in that tank top while I lay on the couch.

    I know this is a soap opera but with so much good writing going on — Breaking Bad, the Sopranos, Sex and the City, Scandal, Justified, Walking Dead etc. — Tyler needs to step this show the fuck up. It could be soooo much better.

    Meanwhile, not to change the subject, but the Hanna character is working my nerves, too. I don’t sympathize with her. I don’t care about her. She is nasty to Candice and Candice is nasty to her.

    She acts like her son is God. She is always angry and nasty toward people who try to help her (“Who cut my grass???!!! That’s what my son does!”) She is the stereotype of the angry, sexless, Bible thumping black woman who looks after her son till he is 40!

    And all these men coming up to Hanna look way to young to be dating her, even her son’s father. What’s up with that. But I guess Tyler needed to cast all his boy toys so just gave them the parts.

  2. Jeffrey is fine and all that but the character pisses me off. Candice, a straight female, has to teach him how to be gay? Come the fuck on! He is supposed to be a psychologist. He could have read about that shit in a book. He should be well versed in the last research on homosexuality. And his mother’s character is so one note and one dimensional. Tyler Perry is a sorry writer. Watch a show like the canceled LA Complex. Now that was a real gay storyline.

    1. ^excellent point!!!
      I didn’t even realize he was a psychologist.
      i thought he was a babysitter to wyatt.
      also how easy is it to pass the bar exam that candace is studying for?
      tyler makes it look like it’s an english test.
      you know what bothered me?
      that annoying giggling from her room,
      and then her being in that man’s room while his wife and kid are sleep in there.
      like how hard do two people sleep that they didn’t hear her ta┼éking?
      tyler is fuckin up this show making it unrealistic.
      the first season was amazing and now he is making it weird.

    2. I kinda have to disagree about the whole str8 woman teaching a gay man thing. True it’s bass akwords but lets say he’s never been exposed to the gay community at all. Some one has to teach him somthing so he can get a feel for it. And yes the L.A complex gay story line was good….. But that was it

      1. Well we all know his mama had him under lock and key. Wouldn’t be surprised if she had paternal locks until he was 25

  3. Jeffrey gets sexier every episode. I wasn’t even checking for him last season. He was such a buzzkill at the club. “Landon” was cute as well. But OAN Amanda is chemically imbalanced and Candace is still a BOSS. & I really think Jeffrey’s mother is the devil in human form.

    1. We think Tyler Perry is gay the same way we think water is wet. It’s just a fact, no thought process that goes into it.

  4. Tyler knows Quite a bit about the culture. Jeffreys a bottom. I don’t think he is masculine at all
    He just hold in it in. He will end up a queen cuz he idolizes candace. The club scene was disputable and unrealistic to today. The guy that hit on him could’ve been more attention grabbing and Jeffrey fell for the first one to give him attention which is dangerous

  5. I did not enjoy that scene. It’s enough that we get stereotyped and some of us aren’t any of “the gay” Candace mentioned. I don’t like the stereotype of either your a flamboyant shady queen or a mental std infected dl masc. it’s annoying. I was surprise Tyler would right that being that he is a gay man himself.

    1. I was saying the same thing. I’m not a fem, queen, butch queen, or the other I’m just me…. Can we get back to that ass of his tho lol

  6. He’s the kind of gay that I wana matching lavender tank top with my god he sexy. And in pretty sure the bible thumpers weren’t to happy with the gay club scene

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