What Katy Perry Done Did With This “Dark Horse” Video

tumblr_n1bagfh7OE1qbqo7ho1_500so while i was out running errands today,
i got the message that the “dark horse” video from katy perry had premiered.
anyone that knows me knows i LOVE that record.
so i rush in the house,
open up my laptop,
and see this


ok what was that?
i was upset with that twinkies pyramid.
definitely not what i envisioned in my head.
that beat needs some serious dancing.
like some hardcore twerking.
katy is too “white” to really work that beat out tho.
alas i still fuck with that song.

lowkey: its bad when i imagined what beyonce would do to that video choreography.

beyonce-2hell more so pregnant ass ciara.

giphy^shame what her career went too.
these pop chicks get these crazy beats and dunno what to do with them.


Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “What Katy Perry Done Did With This “Dark Horse” Video”

  1. Seems like the video didn’t take the song seriously.I understand goofy weird videos for songs like California Girls but for a song like this… no.This song does seem to have stuff purposely placed in it so it can get promo in all those illuminati videos.You’re right too, that beat is too Black for Katy.

  2. smh LOVE IT i like it…and this whole illuminati thing *yawns* the only reason why blacks are even mentioning illuminati and evil in the same sentence because they heard about it on conspiracy videos stemming back in 2008 on Youtube, which in itself is another manipulating tool.. i read about the illuminati both while studying religion in college and when reading the book behold a pale horse about the former cia agent. in the historical aspect the illuminati were a group of god fearing men who believed in using logic and not just having faith and religion drive your lives, The church had much hate for this group because then, and still today, the church used much fear to control the members, whether fear of Hell or fear of GOD. many can’t fathom the usage of logic with Faith, that of which many blacks can’t do because we were spoon fed Christianity by our slave masters and we’ve been conditioned to believe anything that’s NOT EUROCENTRIC, or westernized such as the symbols of Christianity then we deem it evil. If it has to do anything with ancient Kemet, Egypt or etc we deem it evil so much so many blacks are being brainwashed now. instead of just mindlessly watching and believing conspiracy videos people should STUDY the origin of the Egyptian culture and you will find many stories and parables from egyptian and kemetic culture has been stolen and used in Christianity and other ideologies…IRONIC, even the Bible says study to show thyself approved….if this was Arabic symbolism people would call it evil but if it was christian symbols we wouldn’t even have to discuss this….

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