My Hole Is Yours

tumblr_lxnj1xdEyU1qbw2q1o2_500an f-bi sent me the following with the question,
“would you do this?”.
i had to post this because my mouth is still open

tumblr_mevasztBB01rl24yeo1_400 tumblr_mevasztBB01rl24yeo2_250 tumblr_mevasztBB01rl24yeo3_250 tumblr_mevasztBB01rl24yeo4_250 tumblr_mevasztBB01rl24yeo5_250 tumblr_mevasztBB01rl24yeo6_250 tumblr_mevasztBB01rl24yeo7_250the person who posted it on tumblr said:


This is actually very touching and I really think that some times
this might really work!

to which someone replied:


Ain’t nothin’ but another faggot obeying the Laws of Nature!!!

aint nothing “touching” about a potential ass beatin’.
listen ratchet jamari would do some off the wall shieet,
but to do something like ^that?
that is kinda….
well wait i would do it for role playing.
maybe even a valentine’s day surprise.
all this happening at my own front door.
i couldn’t walk up to somestraight” wolf’s crib and do this tho.
i’m sure this is from some kind of porno,
as “tastybro” is not a hgtv show,
but i had to ask…

Would you do something like this?

x see tumblr here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “My Hole Is Yours”

  1. I would do it as a role play too, but fo’ real, fo’ real? HELL NO, I love my life too much and my beautiful skin to be punch in the face for this.

    1. ^word.
      doing something like that seems way out of line and “off meds”.
      i don’t even like people showing up at my spot unannounced.
      then to come with signs?
      i cant.

  2. I agree this is good for role play but for reals, NO! I wants no steel in my face, no hospital bills and I love my life.

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