victoria monet isn’t ready yet?

i’m not even gonna hold you but…

I literally listened to a Victoria Monet album for the first time last week.

 her song,


…popped up on a playlist and i “really heard it“.
your spirit isn’t ready yet.
i checked out her album,
and realized i’ve been missing out.
i only know of victoria because she bagged:

On Friday, February 26, the singer-songwriter announced that she and John Gaines welcomed their first child, a sweet baby girl. Victoria shared her daughter’s presence in the world with a close-up photo holding her newborn’s hand, and used her caption to reveal the baby’s name: Hazel Monét Gaines. Victoria also noted that Hazel was born on February 21, adding, “Mommy and Daddy love you so much!”, , PHOTOS TAKEN WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM INSTAGRAM:

… fine-ass wolf,
john gaines jr.
she just came out with her second album,
jaguar II,
two weeks ago but fans thought she’d perform at the vmas.
mtv curved and told her…


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…it was “too early in her career” to grace that stage.

I could have sworn that had two new randoms,
Kaliii and Renee Rapp,
who performed and it was early in their careers too.

i think she would have more luck at bet and naacp awards.
those platforms cater more to the r&b crowd.
mtv caters to more crossover acts and “who knows who“.
rejection is usually God’s protection but i’d like to add:

Rejection sets you up for something bigger and better.

we often don’t see it now but we’ll learn why in the future.
our paths lead us to much bigger and better bags.
i have always been redirected to something better.
i need to give myself my own advice.
i hope to see more of victoria in the future.

Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “victoria monet isn’t ready yet?”

  1. I tend to be in agreement with @to be young, gay, and black in that Monet is not quite ready for the MTV stage. She is definitely a solid live performer but her music needs work. I’ve been listening for awhile because people keep hyping her but I don’t see it yet. I wasn’t surprised when she shared that about MTV. She just needs to put her head down and keep grinding because she’s definitely on her way. I definitely appreciate how she’s using her pen game for other artists. Hell, I think she could really freshen Janet’s sound (if Ms. Jackson wanted to “compete”) working with Jam&Lewis.

    And yes, Jamari I noticed that that Kalii person was performing (even if she wasn’t on the main stage) and was like “who the fuck are you? LOL”

  2. Ciara could never musically do what Victoria does so effortlessly. I’ve been a fan since Jaguar first came out and caught me during the pandemic. She is a talent coming into her own, pen game and artistry on lock. She’s a really good performer as well. MTV wasn’t ready for her nor does she have the right song for the MTV crowd so that’s fair for now. She needs an undeniable HIT! Music is so unpredictable these days that I have no clue what that will work for her but I’m gonna keep supporting.

    1. Please, Ciara does what she is doing with ease hence her popping straight out the gate. How can you hate on someone and try to pop them up with a chick who used her as inspiration for her “breakout” hit that landed on the charts for 1 week??? Ciara writes and does all of that and has the actual hits and success to back it up. Lmao comical. Give ya congrats to Victoria and hope for the best and keep it moving. No need to go at another black woman who has already done her thing in the game over the course of 20 years.

      1. Chile bye not Ciara’s one remaining fan from the crunk era tryna read me. This whole paragraph is as tired as her singing. I wasn’t even coming for her ass like that, I said musically Ciara could never and that fact remains whether you like it or not. Victoria’s artistry is much better than Ciara’s, go listen to her last 2 albums and you can hear the musicality and cohesion of thought and detail that went into its production. Only thought Ciara puts into her mess is how she can recreate her past hits for the umpth time. Ciara has been absent from ANY stage for a very long time. Comical indeed.

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