why are ya’ll shocked or stressed that halle bailey is pregnant?

i think it’s in our best interest to stop seeing “the pretty” in someone.
by that,
meaning they should choose “the right thing” because of how they look.
some of us associate attractiveness with purity/common sense.
i don’t know who halle bailey is trying to fool…

…but she looks very pregnant here,
and everywhere.

if she isn’t,
she is eating good off that ariel check.
everyone is stressed and upset that is might be pregnant.
they are saying that her rapper of a jackal,
doesn’t deserve her or her eggs.

here is something to consider…

Maybe she is a hoodrat just like him?

i’m not even trying to be funny either.
water does seek its own level and thats okay.
it’s okay she chose someone that suits her.
she could be like the pretty hood vixens who went/go to church.
the ones who go full rebellion mode because of how they were raised.
they will get with everything opposite of “the good wolf“.
they are pretty and we expect them to do/choose better.
no baby.
they won’t.
i know i’m not the only one who knows these types.
it was probably some of our mamas.

the reality is halle LOOKS like someone who would know/do better.
she was on grownish and snagged that disney bag.

Folks switch up for their surroundings every day,

it’s called “code-switching” and halle did it with the world.
chloe comes off like “the good one” if we are being honest.
for me:

I wouldn’t be getting pregnant in my 20s.
There is a lot more dick to ride and adventures to be had.

…but as we know so well,
many people don’t think like this.
some vixens want to be mothers and married.
that might just be halle’s journey and we have to be okay with it.

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the arms and bag over the bump.

i hope she has a safe pregnancy!

lowkey: i’ve learned these “bad bitches” we stan for aren’t all that bad.
many of them are with the most toxic trash males ever.
half the time,
its just characters these vixens are playing.

6 thoughts on “why are ya’ll shocked or stressed that halle bailey is pregnant?

  1. Jamari, I’m with you on this one. When she confirms, I will be disappointed but I’m disappointed whenever someone interrupts an entertainment career to become a parent. Beyonce is the only one who has challenged my selfishness. She still comes back hungry (albeit a little less so). But at the end of the day, I have to respect that person’s choices. Especially when I have no influence over them and we’re talking about a business where people sell a persona ALL THE TIME (which may or may not reflect who they truly are and what they truly want) and we willingly buy into it. I wish her health and continued success.

  2. Chloe and Hallie got y’all all fooled 🤣. She’s definitely pregnant and like you said water seeks its own level. Out of the 2, she has the better voice and the more promising solo career so I do wish her well. Tbh they should stay together musically. I’m not interested in them solo and outside of The Color Purple, I’ll never watch them act. They do nothing for me.

  3. Chloe said Halle sticks up for her and is very vocal. Chloe is the quiet laid back girl who’s outspoken as an performer. I just feel like people should leave her alone. She’s a young Businesswoman and if she is her world won’t stop. They’re adults and I think the baby would be beautiful. Now if she got an abortion folks would steal judge her. Damn if she does and damn if she doesn’t. I think they make a cute couple. Lastly we don’t know these people. Aesthetics and who we appear to be are far different from the personas that we have in reality.

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