DeSean Jackson Needs To Stick To Catching Footballs

i’m all for people trying to advance their careers.
even try something new.
it worked for someone like j.lo for a little while.
look we are all singers and rappers in the privacy of our homes,
but that is where it needs to stop.
this is for you desean


don’t make that face.
this is for your own good.
did anyone know desean was trying to be a rapper?
well i heard he wanted to attempt it,
but i didn’t think he was serious.
he debuted his new video called “brinks truck“.
i know.
typical negro shit.
it features gillie da kid, lee mazin & yung mac….

“hang it up.
flat screen….”

on positive news:
can’t wait for the new season!

4 thoughts on “DeSean Jackson Needs To Stick To Catching Footballs

  1. I did not even listen to it. A football player rapping? Stay in your lane DeSean and keep playing football.

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