safaree jamaican beef patty was up in she pums… but softly

*the following is rated r.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

i’ve been wanting to see that jamaican beef patty in action for a minute.
not safaree regular jackin off content,
but i want to see if he is full jamaican in bed.
i heard the pipes be havin’ voodoo in them and i’m curious.
well erica mena,
his wife,
posted this:

for 50 dollars,
i was expecting a full “daggering the pums to death” special on her onlyfans.
this is what was allegedly shown instead…

where is she screaming in agony?
where is he talmbout he gonna “murda de rass clot pussyhole“?
what is this soft core CRAP?




instead i got some wack ass movie sex scene interlude.
they could have kept that.

lowkey: if i ever get the pleasure to have sex with a jamaican,
and he dont fuck me like he trying to get his citizenship,
ima send he right back to where he came from.
i’m bajan.
its my roots to want to be fucked like a hoe (sometimes).

20 thoughts on “safaree jamaican beef patty was up in she pums… but softly

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    1. I’m confused to why you and @codys continuously come here to to trash this blog, I feel like y’all are the same person, just using different names. Your visits here are too frequent for you to be so anti-jamari. Are you trying to have a whole post dedicated to your spewing of negativity too? This ain’t CNN or the news paper, it’s a damn blog where someone post what interests them. The only comments I ever see from you two, are made when you have a problem with something. You’re so angry behind your device screen 😂 But trolls thrive off of attention so this will be my last time addressing y’all tired bored asses.

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  2. Definitely not worth $50 not even $10. Maybe I had a good run in my sexual life because I don’t find OF enticing at all. With that said, people should be more mad at theirselves for wasting their money. 70 percent of only fan subscribers complain about bland content, when pornhub and x videos is here to serve us all with no charge. Good content is not guaranteed, so why put yourself through the disappointment. And TBH if I had a onlyfans I lowkey would do the bare minimum too, not sure how it works. But I doubt you can retract a payment after. These people are getting rich, while you’re home mad cus you got a teaser. Just wait til others leak the vids on twitter. Stop wasting your money.

    1. Preach!
      I am going to stick to the river and lakes of myvidster and porn hub that I am used to.

    1. Do bajans want to get fucked like hoes? Looool you should expand on this Mr jamari lol

      1. ^caribbean people tend to be very sexual.
        i can’t speak for other bajans,
        but my sex drive can go into overdrive especially when i like someone.
        i will always touch them,
        kiss on them,
        grind on them,
        but sex will be pretty explosive.
        i want to be fucked like a hoe (choke me, slap me, and talk nasty shit to me),
        but i still want to be made love too as well.

  3. I’ll be the odd ball and say that this was beautifully shot and Erica is the star! She looks amazing and her body is dumb sexy! This video wasn’t about Safaree and peen, it was about the soft and sensual nature of a woman. And I’m here for it!

  4. Typical cons! They both need to be canceled and hurt their pockets. They do nothing to please their fans. I’m all for leaks and not paying a dime.

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