the 911 call heard around the world about tamar braxton

i always feel for those who discover someone who tried/taken their own life.
in my days of suicidal tendencies,
that wasn’t something i cared about as i was ready to leave it all behind.
now i see that can be a very traumatic experience to endure.
hollywood unlocked” released the 911 between david adefeso,
who happens to be tamar braxton’s boyfriend,
after he found her unconscious from a suicide attempt via “hollywood unlocked“…


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HU Staff: Kecia Gayle @kecia.kae TMZ has managed to obtain the audio to the 911 call Tamar Braxton’s boyfriend David Adefeso made when he found her unconscious last week. __________________________________________________ In the heartbreaking audio, Adefeso cries hysterically as he begs dispatchers to “hurry” to their location, the Ritz Carlton in downtown L.A. He also explained that she had been drinking and possibly taking pills and according to him, the singer and reality star had been having trouble with WeTV. __________________________________________________ As many are aware, Tamar’s reality show, “Braxton Family Values,” airs on that netwrok and she reportedly has been upset with producers for using her childhood trauma to boost ratings. Adefeso can be heard expressing those sentiments in the audio. 🙏🏾 ___________________________________________________ Read more at 📸: @tmz_tv __________________________________________________ If you have a tip or suggestion, or want to talk to us about this story, Text the word “TIP” to 1-310-388-6463

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it is crazy to me how they got that tape.
it seems that he really cares for her by how he is speaking and reacting.
it is really interesting he is saying:

“At what point are you really free?”

“At what point can a corporation…
They have taken away her happiness…

that part is very telling.
folks don’t realize what comes with these contracts from fame.
sometimes you are bound to them for life.
they can suck you dry even if you have nothing left to offer.
remember when tamar wanted to be her own star outside of toni?
she talked about it a lot during her first seaaon of “braxton family values” on wetv.
it seems she got what she asked for,
but it came with shit she didn’t exactly sign up for.
i read there is a lot of alleged beef with others against wetv as well.
tamar has since been moved to another facility for further evaluation.
( x read it here )
i hope they can help her find peace from her suffering.

lowkey: be careful what you ask for and be super specific.
you will get the good and the bad.

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3 thoughts on “the 911 call heard around the world about tamar braxton”

  1. 911 calls are public record.Last week or so we heard the 911 call from the lady who reported Naya missing.I have heard 911 calls from murder victims screaming for help on shows like Dateline or 48hrs.Almost every day on the news I hear a 911 call,they sometimes mute the name or address.A member of the media can just request the recording,it’s easy to obtain.

    As for the boyfriend,TMZ said he comes across as very controlling in the pilot episode which Tamar and David watched the day she overdosed.They think he may have been upset with WeTv because of the way he was portrayed in the episode.It was odd to me that he kept talking about the network on a suspected suicide call.But IDK I have never made a 911 call regarding a suicide maybe I would be rambling too.

    1. ^hmmm you make an interesting point.
      i don’t know much about him so i’m going on the call,
      but tamar might need to do a clean sweep and start fresh with everyone around her.

  2. Depends on the state but I thought Tapes containing records of 911 telephone calls are confidential and to be used only in handling emergency calls and for public safety purposes. They may not be released to anyone other than emergency and public safety personnel without written consent of the person whose voice is recorded or upon order of the court.

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