i met the fine one from “black ink crew: chicago” (picture this, sicily 2019…)

at my last job,
which was a black company,
i would see black celebs all the time.
i met damson idris aka franklin saint (and the cast) from “snowfall“,
“charlie” from “queen sugar“,
kirk franklin,
trevor jackson,
ari lennox (FANTASTIC),
charity” from “greenleaf” (she is AMAZING),
and even kenya moore.
there are so many others that i had the privilege of meeting there.
we got a lot of reality show stars that came in for interviews and such.
well i remember the day ^he showed up.
his name is ryan henry from “black ink crew: chicago“.
now i’ll be 100 with you…

I never watched that show

if the foxhole follows me,
they know i’ve cut reality tv out of my diet,
but i’ll be 100 with you:

He is FIONE in person

he is so sexy that i couldn’t even look at him in the eyes.
his sexiness pulled me tf in:

he has a quiet sexiness too.
he had swag,
had on fresh kicks,
hair was nice,
and the skin was poppin’.
so these pics that everyone is drooling over:


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More life living with my ppl… long as we all smiling it’s LOVE! 100ft yacht shit, put them lil tugboats up at playpen 😎… #9MAG

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the only downside is he is shorter than me.
i’m 5’11 so you know i like my wolves to be taller,
but that’s perfectly okay.
if he got down,
i’d be stupid not to get down with him.

get it?
get down with him.
ya know,
cause he’s short?
okay i’ll stop.

lowkey: he is very nice.

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16 thoughts on “i met the fine one from “black ink crew: chicago” (picture this, sicily 2019…)”

      1. He’s Handsome, I don’t think He’s holding BBC. his teeth are a bit weird. He treats women like shot. He may be undercover Gay😏

  1. Ryan Henry is handsome and he is nice as hell. I met him with a friend in Chicago. He was nice and very friendly

    1. ^YES!

      aside from fine,
      he was very nice and friendly to everyone at the office.
      that is what i look at with people in the spotlight.
      even regula degulas.
      it doesn’t take a lot to be kind to others.

  2. This dude got so big it’s ridiculous…I need his workout plan asap.
    I wonder what he use for his skin…it looks so good! Ryan would have been perfect for the Fenty skin ad. Even tho I know Asap rocky and lil Nasx is more well known than him.

  3. He’s so phoine he looks like he might make your drawers catch on fire if you looked at him too long up close!

    Also, your notes about the celebs you met also was fun to read. I come here daily just to see how you break things down.

    BTW: Am I wrong for wishing at least 1 of these handsome brothas was wearing a mask?

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