I Go From NY To… “Can I Book Another Flight and Start Over?”

lost_damned_hardman--article_imageso i know you watched the last episode of love and hiphop atl, right?

x click here if you didnt

well you know that whole k michelle debacle at the music video shoot.
i’ll talk about her soon.

well i have the music video called “ny to la” and well…

floydthinkingokay so lets talk about this…
on the positive i give points to this:

his body actually kept my interest.
johnny chrome is it?
*bookmarks his body for later*

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 8.25.48 PMScreen Shot 2013-05-28 at 8.29.10 PMWAIT THIS IS THAT WOLF’S BODY I FEATURED A WHILE BACK!

tumblr_inline_mnhsc12YkY1qz4rgpshit i lowkey put him on thru the foxhole.
he owes me dinner.
anyway are aspiring rappers still doing this?

this “new money” thing?
the planes and the flossin’ with no receipts?
it’s been done fellas.
dragged through the mud.
threw up on and the dog ate it.
the dog then threw it up and ate it again.
i’m so spoiled by kendrick lamar now that i hold new rappers higher.
that video looks like a bootleg version of:

i don’t know “nikko n johnny” from atl.
i do know the two characters from grand theft auto: the ballad of gay tony.
*insert obvious joke here*
it was too easy.
anyway try again fellas.
cool song tho.

lowkey: k michelle is messsssyyyyy.

messy_art_nightaryian (sp) too.
johnny didn’t come at her disrespectfully.
nikko on the other hand…
she better realize there is bigger rappers out there who are gay.
rappin’ about vixens and even dating them.
wake up and smell the industry.
with that mouth,
she better learn to bite that tongue.

x read johnny crome’s blog here

6 thoughts on “I Go From NY To… “Can I Book Another Flight and Start Over?”

  1. Here’s the deal, so Johnny and Nikko are not gay. This new hybrid I am talking to is Nikkos step bro. He told me he has only known him to be with women and that he is not gay. Also my bestfriend is second cousins with Johnny and says he isn’t gay according to her mom. However I trust her mothers word like a snake in heat.

    K.Michelle is very bitter and being messy. Aridont needs to sit down and stay in her place. And Nikko and Johnny handled themselves very well from what we saw.

    1. Nikko is straight, but I don’t think Johnny is. I got the vibe through the TV screen lol. I’m not saying he’s a bad person at all, he seems nice, I’d let him get the pipe. What disturbed me was when K Michelle and Ariane were talking about him like it was nothing. It was like it was obvious to them. If people talk about him a lot that is a problem, especially if the queens do it. We talk about queens and their ways, but they know who is gay and who is not for sure.They can spot them better than the discreet and DL. I’ve been talked about myself but not from queens tho, I get it from DL and discreet guys, and that has been an issue. See what I mean? If a dude is not flamboyant and he has rumors, something is up. He either gives off the vibe or someone has info.

  2. I still think she is wrong for coming at him like the. But since this episode has aired some of my Atlien besties have “seen” Johnny Chrome around. The video looks so basic!! Poor MiMi acting like a diva for a WSHH video

  3. He’s on the team for sure, and he’s attractive too.

    That video was stupid, and Mimi was looking retarded while she was in it lol.

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