INTERVIEW: Johnny Crome “Lies and Hiphop Atlanta”

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 8.27.56 PMwell johnny crome let loose tonight on #lhhatl!!!
you know johnny crome.
he was the friend of nikko that made his quick debut last season.
well he came back to #lhhatl tonight with guns a blazing.
(and not his arms).
he let mimi know exactly about who she was dealing with.
well johnny and i had a nice interview because i had some questions.
so he spilled the beans on nikko,
how he felt about k michelle disrespecting his life,
and why he might vanish forever
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I Go From NY To… “Can I Book Another Flight and Start Over?”

lost_damned_hardman--article_imageso i know you watched the last episode of love and hiphop atl, right?

x click here if you didnt

well you know that whole k michelle debacle at the music video shoot.
i’ll talk about her soon.

well i have the music video called “ny to la” and well…

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