Meet Your New #Yeezus Album Cover (Part Deux)

_faintseriously kanye?…

BLZV2rPCAAEvnt71253310635_oh-kanyei see he has started his attention whoring on schedule.
never to early, right?
the album does come out in two weeks.
it’s going to be a good ol fashion hip hop show down actually:



j cole


mac miller

…all on the same day (june 18th).
will you be “watching movies with the sound off”?
worshiping “yeezus”?
or realizing you are really just a “born sinner”?
may the best relevancy win.

6 thoughts on “Meet Your New #Yeezus Album Cover (Part Deux)

  1. REALLY KANYE…*sigh* NOT feeling it ALL…and IT’LL cause the controversy and drama that HE LOVES..I miss when music was the singers and rappers gimmick…not dumb publicity stunts, public rants and twitter meltdowns.arguments just their talent and MUSIC…SMH i guess those days are far gone….9 times out of ten i’ll be buying J.Cole’s album and agree with FlyFoxx Melanie Fiona is CRAZY talented i still get chills from her BET Awards performance and J.Cole is so talented i hope he REALLY gets his big break soon

  2. I’m really starting to dislike Kanye. It’s bad enough that his seems to have this God complex, but everything from his lyrics, to his album title, this these type of photos are just complete blasphemy. It’s ok to have creative freedom as an artist but constantly comparing himself and putting himself on the level of God is really disturbing. He may want to stop spitting in the face of God before it’s too late for him.

  3. Don’t forget Kelly lol. J.Cole really just needs to change his release date because I don’t see it for him. I wish RocNation would promote him better along with Melanie Fiona. He is sooooo talented but now is coming off as a poor man’s Drake

    1. J Cole says he moved up release date to compete against Kanye.BTW Frank Ocean is featured on Kanye and,J Coles album and was rumored to be on Drake’s next album.

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