Kanye, And The Illuminati, Release Video For Black Skinhead

24050836~bd815991dc9af33624303bf02b53c3b73bb386fe-originalkanye released his new video for black skinhead.
album been out for a minute and no video/single.
i won’t get into that.
he needed to do something.
hova is coming for the win.
this video is kinda……. uh huh.
see for yourself.
some mobile devices may not be able to see the video…

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Meet Your New #Yeezus Album Cover (Part Deux)

_faintseriously kanye?…

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Meet Your New Jesus #yeezus

Kanye-West-Jesus-Rolling-Stone-Cover-Illuminatikanye west wants you to worship him.
he is coming out with an album on june 18th and guess what he titled it?
bow down and meet your new “jesus”:

tumblr_m09a7zU3Wa1r3jsyuo1_500kim kardashian instagrammed his new cover,
as well as the new yeezys

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