Meet Your New Jesus #yeezus

Kanye-West-Jesus-Rolling-Stone-Cover-Illuminatikanye west wants you to worship him.
he is coming out with an album on june 18th and guess what he titled it?
bow down and meet your new “jesus”:

tumblr_m09a7zU3Wa1r3jsyuo1_500kim kardashian instagrammed his new cover,
as well as the new yeezys

5b824a38c03211e29f2e22000a1fb37d_7281x211it took me a minute to wonder what that gold thing was.
after squinting a few times,
i realized it was a morphed gold yeezy chain.
as soon as he releaved the name to his new album,
everyone on twitter started referring to him as “yeezus christ”.

x twitter

apparently there are other celebs who are “jesus” too:

who do you worship?

lowkey: his first single is called “new slaves”.
he is going all out for shock value, huh?

10 thoughts on “Meet Your New Jesus #yeezus

  1. Jamari, can we PLEASE talk about CB’s horrible Billboard awards performance??? He sounded a hawt shitty damn mess and I’m so tired of him channeling MJ in his performances. It’s sooooo been there, done that! And my baby Miguel…did he jump on two poor becky’s heads at the end of his was semi distirbing, but he did a good job.

  2. Certain things send the masses into a frenz, and this is one of them. Which is why I don’t entertain it/shenanigans…

  3. I don’t worship any celebrities and won’t even think about calling them Jesus. That’s beyond odd to me. Am I a fan of some celebrities? Of course, but worship? Nahh….you can miss me with that…

  4. I can’t lie I been calling Beyonce Beysus for a while, all in joking. But, I have a few issues with Mr. West…. I think he’s a deliciously talented artist, that was one of the most talented producers ever when he was behind the scenes. Then he began rapping, and was rather socially conscious, a la When it all Falls Down. And somehow fame, and the death of his mother have seemed to take him to a place where I don’t even find him vaguely interesting, and I avoid most blog post about him and especially his talent free pending baby’s mother like the plague. His public behavior often times saddens me, and he never looks happy, and over all what really makes me feel bad is that there is a whole generation of young men that look up to his obnoxious behavior as cool, and he’s to damn old for that… Anyways best of luck ‘Ye, I’ll just be happy when he disappears into the atmosphere

      1. I feel like the secret is to act like you don’t care, but care. Be about business, and not fame. Keep your life out of the media, and develop good relationships with ppl worth having in your circle

    1. Amen Bro, such bad taste, some things cross the line and God is not to be mocked. This may be beginning of the end of his career. Personally, I am not amused at none of this idol worship.

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