Tell Me How My Nuts Taste?

sdi wont even get into the bore that was the billboard music awards.
i found myself bored,
but some of the performances were kinda…
well you be the judge.

breezy wolf

taylor swift


justin bieber

will. i. am w/ justin bieber

nicki w/ weezy

pitbull w/ xtina and a-ha


… and the talk of the night:

go to 2:50.


MIGUEL-MURDERi’m still ROTFLMAO!‘n at miguel.
i wonder if that chick he landed on gonna sue?

if you missed it,
you didn’t miss much.

9 thoughts on “Tell Me How My Nuts Taste?

  1. After he kicked her the people acted like they didn’t even care. She can try to sue, but she may not have a case since she was there at a concert where almost anything can happen.

    1. This was an awards show not a concert.He was reckless .I would sue him and the producers of the show.He rehearsed this performance and apparently he has pulled this dangerous stunt before.

  2. That’s was funny as hell what Miguel did to that girl! LMAO! However, I did feel really bad for her. *goes to watch video again* lol.
    P.S. Why is everyone comming for Drake tonight? Twitter & Instagram are going crazy with a photoshopped picture of him….I’m so lost. lol

    1. ^yeah me too.
      i’m confused.

      miguel literally kicked that girl in her face.
      she would be an idiot not to sue.
      do you see the crowd still helping her when he walked off??
      she fell to the ground.

  3. I loved Nicki’s and Wayne’s performance! I think this is the fist time she didn’t look like a cartoon character on stage! Hair=on point. Outfit=on point. Body=on point. She actually just came off as a sexy/cute female rapper.
    CB…kill yo self (learn how to sing/perform from Miguel) (Let MJ r.i.p.)
    Miguel…killed it…LMAO @ the end
    I agree Jamari, most of the show was a bore…(nodding off)

      1. The remsemblance to Lil Kim was no joke. nicki totally stole kims BET awards outfit.

  4. I would sue. I am a little on the litigious side of things like that and I felt like they didn’t do their due diligence or informing the crowd about what was going to take place. Poor ladies (Miguel included).

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