Shot In The Face

219619-marc-carsoneveryone say rip to marc carson.
he was killed in the village due to a hate crime last night.
what confuses me is that the village is a known spot for gays in ny.
thats not my “scene” down there,
but that’s where everyone who is gay or cruising goes…

This is clearly a hate crime,” said New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly.

Marc Carson, of Harlem, was walking with a friend on Sixth Avenue near West Eighth Street, Greenwich Village, when they were approached by Elliot Morales, 33 and two other Hispanic males, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said, the New York Post reported.

One man snarled homophobic slurs at the men and asked them if they were “gay wrestlers,” Kelly said.

The men continued moving and made a right onto West Eighth Street.

Morales and one of his cohorts confronted the pair again and taunted them by shouting “faggot” and “queer,” Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said, New York Daily News reported.

One of the Hispanic men left and Morales and his partner continued to follow the victim and another man.

Both the victim and another man with him were wearing tank tops, cut-off shorts and boots.

“Do you want to die here?” Morales asked the victim.

He pulled out a .38-caliber revolver and shot Carson once in the cheek.

The violence follows a series of recent bias attacks on gay men in New York – 22 this year, up from 13 at the same point last year – but this was the first deadly one. Kelly said police were looking into possible links between the incidents.



down low.
however way you swing,
be careful out there wherever you are.

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9 thoughts on “Shot In The Face”

  1. This really is sad. R.I.P. Marc! My prayers are with his family and friends. I hope justice gets served.

  2. This just made me so angry I’m HOT…it’s like people are so insecure and over the top about someone ELSE and THEIR SEXUALITY…if i was straight i couldn’t see me walking down the street with friends and then decide “Hey let’s fuck with these gay guys real quick, let’s bully them” because where i’m from PHILLY stand UP, people both gay and straight carry weapons so teasing someone could end with you losing your life…these closet case homophobes make me sick and i’ mad that this didn’t make the news and that i’m only hearing about it for the 2nd time, the first on twitter, and now you…if he was white this would have been all over the media….but with that being said my heart aches for Marc Carson, and his friend that was with him and his family that’s left behind…and he looks young how old was he like 24?

  3. This story has literally left me numb. I think we forget that the world is still a cold vicious cruel place filled with ignorant savages. We take our safety for granted and let our guards down when we are on our own turf and its sad that even then we have to be cautious. I hope that this young man life will not be in vain and all involved will be brought to justice. It seems that no matter gay or str8 black male life means nothing in this country.

  4. I ‘ve noticed something very disturbing but not surprising about this story.Reading comments posted yesterday indicate that people assumed the victim was a White Gay man attacked by Black or Hispanic thugs.They were calling him the new Matthew Shephard.Today’s comments on Gay Blogs are more subdued since Marc has been identified.A Black Gay man being murdered appears to me has sparked less outrage.I will see if Black blogs even cover this hate crime.

  5. Lucky Star I have been pondering that as well……because I was rolled up on by two males for money at gun point at one time in my journey and if I had a gun I would have killed both and put a note on them saying they tried to rob me and would not have told a soul cause they probley would have reported me. Karma is on a mission with who every did that.

  6. How sad. RIP.

    It’s straight people who got to those hot spots just to terrorize people. SMH.

  7. The more things change, the more they stay the same. The world is filled with so much hatred, confusion and evil. R.I.P.

  8. That is just fuckin’ sad. I am so over this country. I really want to get my license to carry because it’s still ‘real’ in 2013.

    Thoughts and prayers go to the family.

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