the forests hurt for ariana grande

Mandatory Credit: Photo by David X Prutting/BFA/REX/Shutterstock

i get the impression they were soulmates
i didn’t really get into mac miller all like that,
but it’s really sad that he died way too soon.
i’ve read nothing but good things about him.
ariana grande,
who dated mac miller for over 2 years before breaking up,
has been pretty silent over his unexpected passing.
she put this up on her ig 6 days ago:

…with no caption.
she broke her silence with this…
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Yes! Yes! You’re The King… or Queen!


i won’t even lie,
but i’m really feelin yeezus.
*ducks tomato*
something about it…
this music battle show down was a good one,
but who will take the crown next week?
rap-up got the early estimates and well…

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OMG! You Don’t Want To Feel The Wrath of #yeezus !

kanyewest-mad-jealous-about-amber-wiz-relationshipi didn’t do it,
but if you did ooooooohhhhhh….
youuuu innnnn troubbbblllleeeee…..

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Meet Your New #Yeezus Album Cover (Part Deux)

_faintseriously kanye?…

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