the forests hurt for ariana grande

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i get the impression they were soulmates
i didn’t really get into mac miller all like that,
but it’s really sad that he died way too soon.
i’ve read nothing but good things about him.
ariana grande,
who dated mac miller for over 2 years before breaking up,
has been pretty silent over his unexpected passing.
she put this up on her ig 6 days ago:

…with no caption.
she broke her silence with this…

that made me tear up.
that was incredibly touching and heartbreaking.
the “baby” part and her speaking in the background.
bad enough his hoodie fonts:


folks have been blaming her for his death.
i don’t know why and that isn’t fair.
i feel she is having some kind of guilt.
it’s gonna be hard not to think that,
but she cannot blame herself for his passing.
mac was an addict.
that’s the reality of it.
ariana may need a break for a while.
she has been through a lot.
from the manchester bombings,
to now dealing with mac’s death,
i think it’s time for her to step away for a while.
i’m sending her tremendouslove and light.
rip to mac miller.

lowkey: they really loved each other.
you can tell by the videos they had together.
the way he looked at her…
i’d love a wolf to be into me like that.
i hope she can takes as much time to grieve.

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4 thoughts on “the forests hurt for ariana grande”

  1. What a horrible notion that women are required to stay in toxic situations in order to “save” or “fix” a broken man. Whats an even more horrible is to blame a woman for the demise of a troubled man. It was not Arianna’s job to fix, heal, or save Mac. His destiny was already pre-determined and there was nothing anyone could do. It was his time. The sad part is how he died after saying in interviews that he never wanted to be the drug guy to die of an overdose. It’s been a tough few years for Arianna. I just hope her new boyfriend is mature enough to allowing her to space to grieve judgement free.

  2. I couldn’t believe the comments I was reading on ig and twitter. Blaming her for his sudden death or saying she should of died instead. Like wtf? I’ve dealt with a addict before. It’s best to love em at a safe distance and pray everything works out or you’ll go insane from all the constant worrying.

    The video is so sweet. I’d be stuck between keeping or delete it, the memories would be too much for me.

    1. ^right!
      dealing with an addict can be very taxing on you mentally and emotionally.
      i think she is gonna feel the guilt for a long time tho.
      i hope she still kept in contact with him.

      1. Our society is full of twisted individuals. Loving to place blame on others rather than the individual. No one holds a gun to an addicts head and says you have to do this. It’s a choice they make every day they live, albeit their body’s craving for the drug(s) is the driving force behind their actions. If ANYONE is to blame, blame the people who introduced them to the drugs they use. THOSE are the people to blame, those yes-men/women and wannabe hangers on. Sure there would be people around to do what they probably didn’t want to do, at least those who were REALLY concerned about him, but we don’t know if he had those kind of people around him.
        Usually there are not that many voices of reason around people like this, because those who are around, they’re around for what he can give them…a carefree lifestyle. Those voices of reason get drowned out.

        It’s not easy living with or around an addict. They will say and do anything to get that fix. I’ve had family members who’ve robbed other family members while attending parties/family gatherings, taking stuff out of the house/apartment, in order to get that drug. They stole iPods, iPads, laptops, jewelry, money, you name it.
        VERY taxing indeed

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