cater to (them)?

so i’ve been thinking about the job duties today over bed.
i’m kinda tired and lazy af today.
i want to ask the foxhole something i’m not sure of.
we family in this neck of the woods.
so this gig is going to be something that i have to heavily cater.

Do I ask a restaurant to cater an office?

how do i make sure they send the right food?
the quantity?
do i have to call?
something i do online?
does this question sound stupid?

i just want to make sure i do/say the right thing.
any suggestions/advice would help!


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12 thoughts on “cater to (them)?”

  1. 1. Ask who they have used before and who they like?
    2. find out what the head honcho likes
    3. let nearby places know they need to deliver and they have an opportunity to win consistent business
    4. Set up some tastings and get pricing.

      1. 5. Double check the delivered versus what you ordered to make sure they are one and the same.
        6. Have them deliver a minimum of half hour to 45 min before you need it to allow for any setup time (people don’t like to wait)
        7. Check yelp reviews online for the finalists to make sure they measure up even if someone recommended them

        1. ^thank you cav.
          ima definitely gonna has the 45 minimum order time.

          remember when i fonted about calendar management?
          the universe may have been foreshadowing because i have to incorporate it in this job

  2. Most catering cater to set number of people, so first you need to find out how many people you will be catering for and probably ask for 5 more people for those just in case scenarios. Also always make sure you have meat and vegan option no matter what type of food you order. It is probably best to play it safe and do sandwiches and salads, you cant go wrong with Europeans, now when they diversify and we come on board that is when you will have your problems LoL. Black people are usually pretty vocal about food no matter what the setting be it corporate or a party, we will let you know quick when we like or dont like something. I have never heard the others really complain about anything when food is catered. The bright side is your food budget is going to be next to nothing as I am sure you will have to clean up and have first dibs on leftovers LMAO!

    1. ^sooooo friday,
      they had catering and there was so much food left over.
      they told me i will always have left overs and i will have to clean up LOL
      it’s whatever tho.
      i have to treat the office like my home.
      everything will be clean,
      dishes will be washed,
      and things will be organized.

    2. To add to this, it wouldn’t hurt to just ask and confirm how many veggies/vegans are in the group and maybe do a +1 or 2 just in case so you don’t have more or God forbid enuf of these types of options…

  3. Yeah finding out where they normally order food from is a good idea.

    You also want to make sure the one you’re working directly under and his superior get EXACTLY what they want and don’t leave it to chance that someone else in the meeting will take what they want. I’ve seen white people fight over the last turkey sandwich.

    Make sure you keep good documentation of what you’re ordering and confirmation and copies of the faxes you send and order a week in advance if you can to have it there 45 minutes before so you can set up.

    See if any of the staff want the leftovers to eat or take home. Less for you to clean up or throw away and it gets you on people’s good side.

    I use to have to do this shit all the time at my first intern job. I’d be eating good depending on what they had lol

  4. You are going to do great. How do i know? From your posts i know you to be observant, self reflective, smart. I wish that you didn’t feel you needed to try twice as hard as others. I worked in corporate environments before and feel being nice, easy to work, taking iniative and fixing your mistakes quickly goes along way. Also caterers desperately want your business and will bend of backwards to make you happy, even feed you for free in order to get more business. Your coworkers are going to love that you are in front of food, fashion, music trends too. Please be patient with yourself, own the positive accomplishments you make daily.

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