Yes! Yes! You’re The King… or Queen!


i won’t even lie,
but i’m really feelin yeezus.
*ducks tomato*
something about it…
this music battle show down was a good one,
but who will take the crown next week?
rap-up got the early estimates and well…

All eyes are on the charts as Kanye West, J. Cole, Mac Miller, and Kelly Rowland battle it out this week. After a full day in stores, early estimates are in.

The biggest showdown is between Kanye and Cole. According to HITS Daily Double, Kanye’s Yeezus is on track to outsell Cole’s Born Sinner with 375-400k, while Cole’s sophomore set is predicted to move 290-315k units based on one-day estimates.

That would give Kanye the second biggest debut of the year behind Justin Timberlake’s The 20/20 Experience (968k) and Cole the fourth largest debut after Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories (339k).

Mac Miller’s second album Watching Movies With the Sound Off is approaching the 95-105k range. His 2011 debut Blue Slide Park opened at No. 1 with 145,000.

Kelly Rowland is facing off with her male counterparts with her fourth albumTalk a Good Game, which is expected to sell 60-65k copies in its first week. Her previous set, 2011’s Here I Am, entered at No. 3 with 77,000.

Final sales will be released next Wednesday, June 26.


kelly was surprisingly good.
mac was decent.
j cole and kanye are keeping my attention.

Who did you choose?

x stream all the albums here

lowkey: i got ciara’s 2 weeks early.
i like her opening song with nicki minaj.
it’s a 10 track album that goes by fast.
i almost thought i was listening to one long song.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Yes! Yes! You’re The King… or Queen!”

    1. I’m pulling for my homegirl Kelly’s album to do better than her last album. Especially since she exposed her abusive relationship and bouts with insecurity and envy. I want her to move to the new level.

  1. Nobody cares about Jelly Boreland. Why is she even a factor in this blog? Cerror as well. Flippity flops. Beyonce uses their albums as plates for Blue Ivy.

  2. I’m buying J. Cole’s album for sure.
    I haven’t decided about Kanye’s album yet. It’s something about the album that I don’t know…I’ll guess it’ll have to grow on me.

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