They Flew The Coop of What Made Them Interesting

bbwoverthey lost it.
the “it” is gone.
so basketball wives is over.

can we talk about how terrible that season was?
even better,
wtf was that for a season finale?
bringing a stalker on the show for a round table discussion?
i think this was my only favorite part…

stukenya bell had what was she looking for.
see this is why this show is wack sauce now.
you can’t go from ratchet to “saintly ratchet”.
it just ain’t gonna work ma.
plus they took the interesting chicks off the show.
jennifer williams.
royce reed.
kenya bell (well it was too late).
their antagonists.
no one wants to see shaunie’s life.
evelyn ALWAYS needs to always have a chick to fight with or some man in her puss.
suzie tried to be interesting and failed.
tami needs a bigger bitch who ain’t scared of her.
evelyn and her ran their course now.
the only person who was interesting and could only do much with her role:
i liked her swagg and would have liked to see more of her.
go t.
here is the thing…
the world likes ratchet.
it ain’t going nowhere.
we want to see people do shit that we won’t do in our regular life.
if we want to see some kumbaya shit,
we would tune into hgtv or history channel.
they need to recast some new younger ratchet groupie chicks who don’t care about boycotts.
hell put keyshia cole on there.
now lets get onto whats “in”:

i need to see a k michelle,
or an erica mena deal with tami.
i bet that bark would be on mute real fast.
so did anyone else watch the bbw season finale?

x see episode here thanks to mr world premiere

oh and shaunie…
if you go out here with this damn gospel wives of basketball play shit….
tumblr_m5ot7ypS961qedt22o1_500tyler perry you are not.
LHHNY starts monday.
see ya then!

3 thoughts on “They Flew The Coop of What Made Them Interesting

  1. These birds are burnt. No one cares about them and their drama anymore. They all recieved their karma so good riddance. They aren’t built for criticism and thought firing the women who made the show was a good idea.

  2. This show just needs to be over. The season was way to short too. Was it just me or did it seemed rushed? They were just jumping from one thing to the next so fast.

    Jennifer and Royce should have stayed, it would have been more interesting. Tasha and Jen would have gotten along real well lol.

  3. I watched it, but I only tuned in to see the fight.I shouldn’t have been expecting much.I did laugh at the fact that they milked the hell out of it.They took so many commercial breaks within the last 15 minutes that it made VH-1 look desperate as hell.I remember looking at the clock and seeing 7:57, these fuckers go to commercial break.The TLC movie was coming on at 8.I thought “Seriously VH-1.”This fight is not Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao.It ain’t even Goku vs Vegeta.It was like watching someone trying to squeeze a drop of water out of a dry towel.And that was the finale.I’m shocked they didn’t spend this season sending these skanks on dates.Seems like every reality show has a single chick that goes on dates with a bunch of male models.

    SMH at Tami telling Suzie she got her ass beat but she put up a good fight.That makes no sense.She was trying to save face for her friend’s idiotic decisions though.

    I feel bad for Kenya.They treat her like she’s not a woman.I hated last season when Evelyn kept finding a reason to go at her.I hated that Suzie kept bringing up that “who’s the song really about shit.”She claims she didn’t care about Kenya yet she kept going on and on and on.That’s how I could tell they were grasping at straws for story lines.I felt like it was all for the cameras.Part of the allure is not being able to tell, but when Suzie was going on and on about the song, all I could hear was silence and crickets.Did they really expect people to be on the edge of their seats for a fight they didn’t even show(because they want to pretend like they all of sudden have morals and standards now.)

    I also agree about Shaunie.She should stick to spending Shaq’s money like she’s been doing.

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