Did Tariq Really Smash and Get Scammed Like A Caucasian By Tyrone Hankerson Jr?

so everyone meet tariq.
nice nipples.
he has been put into the “tyrone hankerson jr/sir scam a lot” story.
in more ways than one.
he got scammed too.
these are his tweets about his affiliation to tyrone:

…but one of the f-bi sent me something.
it was a tweet from last year on tariq’s account…


Why is his wallet always getting randomly stolen?

i’ll need more details on how he met tyrone.
i’m not sold tariq smashed tyrone.
i could be wrong tho.

lowkey: is this tyrone’s boyfriend?

they look alike.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Did Tariq Really Smash and Get Scammed Like A Caucasian By Tyrone Hankerson Jr?”

  1. I can beileve his wallet is always getting stolen. Some people prone to it or just extremely irresponsible with certain shit. My siblings are always with the always losing their keys, wallets, bags, phones, etc. lol. I lost my keys only once when I dropped them and kicked them down an elevator shaft. Hopefully Tyrone squirreled away some of that scamming money for a legal fund.

  2. Looks like someone trying to get attention by riding off of someone else’s attention because they need more attention. I’m not buying and he not either since someone stole his wallet again.

    Begone InstaThot…

  3. This dude is just tryna get his 15 minutes. I don’t know him super well, but I’m pretty sure Tyrone isnt the type to go around stealing wallets. It’s a shame how people are sensationalizing this thing.

  4. It seems that not only is THIS guy bogus but the whole story, or atleast Tyrone’s involvement, maybe too. Tyrone did an interview on friday with his Lawer speaking to another Lawer, its on a website called “RolandMartin.com” he addressed all thats going on, and insist the number of money is NOT 429k and what he did receive was over the coarse of 7 seven years, and that it came from loans and grants, he says he was a 4.0 student and was heavily involved in extra curricular activies that made him eligible for certain grants 🤷‍♂️ i dunno the shit sounded legit! Yall should check it out, i feel bad if this dude really aint do anything wrong and all this fuss is hurting his reputation, cause like his Lawer said of ole body stole 429k why havent charges been filed, and or the very least kicked out of school

  5. You like protruding nipples? I must be the only one who hates them. I don’t get nipple sensation so I hate when dudes will try to touch/twist my nipples. If you’re not gonna suck/lick them then don’t touch them at all. Rocket nipples look horrible over time.

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