hoe, why is you here?

i woke up this morning with this incredible URGE…

to erase folks outta my phone.
i’m talking the ones that i don’t speak to anymore.
there was a ton of “randoms” holding up spots in my contacts.
it varied:

the “yo lets hang/chill/connect/link/keep in touch”
the “we were friends… but i don’t know what happened”

the “i’m interested in you and want to be in your life”
the “we worked together, talked everyday, but they nada now”
the “i got a fox but i’m secretly trying to get at you on the low”
the “we networked at some event and the connection fizzled”
the “we met once and had no business even going any further”

folks will label you “too thirsty” if you try to stay in their life.
they will tell everyone how annoying you are for wanting to keep up with their triflin’ asses.


these are all ghosts in my life now.
consider me “the ghostbusters”.
i was holding on to them “just in case”.
in case of what tho?
half of them i don’t know anymore.
others i wanted to fuck,
but they turned me off with the games.
the rest “don’t know me”.
it’s life and it’s alllllll good.

listen i paid 700 or so for my phone.
i pay a lovely surcharge every month for it.
it’s an expensive “appendage” now attached to my bawdy.
i only want to see things that make me happy on it.
my contact list was full of “coulda/woulda/shoulda” and old memories.
they can go.


new rules: i’m only giving folks my social media dm.
that’s my new “number”.
to get in my phone,
that means i’m giving you access to me.

it’s going to be a screening process.
even networking gets the side eye because half the time,
the initial conversation is great,
but they’re off to the next hustle a week later.
i learned a great saying that made so much sense to me:

People don’t stay in your life if you have nothing to offer them

“your presence”
even writing on the foxhole is offering something to someone.
we’ll touch on that saying later.
so my new motto for life is gonna be like an high class hoe:


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “hoe, why is you here?”

  1. Wow. This is deep J. I’m noticing, especially with the straights, that they mostly only stay in your life if you have something to offer them. Whether it be advise, a hook up, money, access to pretty vixens, or even head and tail. Once those options are off the table, they’re GHOST 👻

    1. ^YUP!!!!!!!!

      even some vixens only stay around if you are the “gay bff”,
      advice on their ain’t shit wolves,
      being messy,
      or you make them look pretty.
      others can be legit cool and you have a great friendship with.

      people know don’t how to be a friend anymore.

  2. I been said a long time ago to steer clear of women. Most of them talk behind your back anyways and as stated are only around when you have something to offer…

    Hair tips, make-up tips, how to suck they man peen properly.

    It’s funny you said that though Jamari because last night I contemplated on getting a number and inviting only who I want into my world.

    I have been unbalanced this past weeks…I’m already moody and with this full moon that just came it mad it worse….If you ever feel some kind of way out of the blue..I want you to stop and see what phases the moon is in. See if their is a pattern.

    Whenever I get these mood swings or revelations and even random horniness, I always notice that it is just before or during the full moon or a waning crescent before the new moon.

    I am somewhat convinced that just as the moon goes through these cycles, so does my mood.

    Some of us are highly sensitive to gravitational forces, coupled with the fact that most of our body is made of water.

    If you follow astronomical findings you will know that the moon is 99% full and will be a full moon tonight…specifically a Blue Moon at that.

    I have been so emotional as of late more than usual. I got up last night and noticed the moon….

    I remember going outside at a specific time before work..on previous day’s at around 6:15 am-6:30 when I head to work it is dark all because of the time xhange…so yesterday it was only 6:20 & yet…it was looking like sunrise on the horizon. Much brighter. I have no idea why that is though since time had already changed so it looked off to me .

    I wonder how many strange events go on and we are so into this worldly way of living that we never notice fully?

    1. I be typing so fast and be having all kinds of errors. Waning gibbous is tonight though the Blue Moon peak was earlier..I’m still convinced their is some forces at here telling one to complete their cycle to a new chapter (new moon)

  3. That’s just humans in general. “If you can’t be used then you are useless”.

    People want to feed off you, whether it’s sex, money, relationship, friendship, your presence etc.
    If they can’t get any one out of those from you then you are no use to them. Don’t take it personally.

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