you gotta prove it if you’re trying to get in (me)

i live in new yawk,
but mentally,
i’ve been in another country at a wellness retreat.
when i shut down my personal social media accounts,
the intent was to come back once i was healed.
that means work on this therapy shit hardbody.
i can say i’m well on my way to being healed and reclaiming my time.
i feel like serena van der woodson coming back to ny in the first episode of og gossip girl.

on my final purge today,
on a brand new moon,
my phone’s contact list lost some serious weight.
that hoe is skinny af.
the way i see things now is this…

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hoe, why is you here?

i woke up this morning with this incredible URGE…

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Kanye West Is Now Part of The “Wolves”

tumblr_njv823fKMT1qmzpspo1_540its no secret that wolves have different eye colors.
from orange,
and even green.
kanye west is part of the “wolves” now.
i’m sure that can be argued,
but he has a new song called “wolves” with sia and vic mensa.
he performed it last night at the “snl: 40” anniversary show.
he changed his eye color like a wolf for the occasion…
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I’m A Hoarder For Your Love (Maybe Penis)

inside_a_hoarders_640_07i am a hoarder.
that’s right.
i like to hoard things for the memories they provide.
that movie ticket with that wolf that gave me a good time.
the umbrella from my daiquiri to remember the fun times with friends.
that used condom from when a wolf blew my back out.
i’m totally kiddin on that last part.
i like to hoard these things to hold on to the “past”.
one thing i use to hoard was people.
holding on to what they use to bring,
rather than seeing that they don’t bring that same joy anymore.
i know you felt that one.
some of them just vanished.
others we had falling out.
then the ones who you see in public and they try to avoid you.
i still kept their numbers just in case.
just in case what tho?
so i had to askā€¦

Do you hoard people in your life?

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