Tyrone Hankerson Jr Comes Back With Castor Oil and Receipts!

tyrone hankerson jr says we got it all wrong.
after black twitter and the foxhole dragged him into the deep abyss,
he crawled out to fight back against all the accusations.
he says he allegedly didn’t do anything illegal.
he released a statement and even made it to “people”...



“That is not true. I received over $200,000 for the four years I was an undergrad at Howard, but that wasn’t just a traditional schedule,” Hankerson Jr. tells PEOPLE. “I also went to summer school, and I also had opportunities to study abroad. I did not receive any award that was labeled something when I actually was not entitled to it.”

His attorney, James Walker, notes that Hankerson Jr. graduated summa cum laude from the university’s undergraduate program with a 4.0 GPA. He is expected to graduate from the Washington, D.C., law school next month.

Hankerson Jr. says he was not fired from his position, but left the job after completing his undergraduate degree in 2015. He tells PEOPLE he has “never been contacted by the university about any investigation” or his student account.

“He’s clearly innocent. He didn’t do anything illegal,” Walker says of his client. “It’s not what it looks like … he has fine taste.”

“Me and my mom believe in balling on a budget. Anything I received I have not paid full price for. It was bought at a discounted cost,” he said, noting that he worked over the summers during his law school career. “I saved money so that I could buy the things I like because I’m into lifestyle and fashion. I had a blog and a social media presence where I was pushing that individual brand.”

People are making these stories up and creating false stories about me. It’s very disheartening and very hurtful. I was at Howard for homecoming … My roommate at the time was a photographer so we would go out and take pictures,” he says.

“There was a Range Rover that did not belong to me — I don’t know whose car that is! We took a picture by it. We were showcasing lifestyle pictures. At Howard’s homecoming there is a really big push around fashion and clothing. But that Range Rover does not belong to me.”

In a statement to PEOPLE, a Howard spokesperson expressed concern about the apparent disclosure of information from Hankerson Jr.’s personal student account, and said any employee responsible for such a privacy violation would be “severely disciplined, and very possibly terminated.”

According to the university’s website, tuition and fees for undergraduate students living on the school’s campus for the 2018-2019 calendar year is about $22,500 per semester.

his lawyer is a alleged “big deal” down in atlanta.
it definitely pays to have “big deal friends” for situations like this.
build your networks foxhole.
i don’t know what to believe tho.

What do you believe?

a side of me thinks this might be a misunderstanding,
but then another side is sniffing a little bullshit.
why did he allegedly scrub all his social medias when the scandal broke?
that was the part that looked highly suspect.
lawyers are all trained to lie this could be damage control.
i guess we may never know the truth,
or it’ll come out in the wash eventually.
it would be a shame to have all those accolades to go down the drain tho.
keep me posted foxhole!

article cc: people

11 thoughts on “Tyrone Hankerson Jr Comes Back With Castor Oil and Receipts!

  1. “Me and my mom believe in balling on a budget.”
    🙄 After reading this sentence I had enough. This stunt queen needs to go prison.

  2. I worked in higher ed for 16 years and there is something very fishy about this story. He and his lawyer came across as very unprepared on Roland Martin. All you have to do is print a financial aid transcript from your student record…why didnt they have that on Roland? If be attended Howard for undergrad and law, that’s one easy click (or should be). Typically, when “students” work in a campus office its only for 20 hours a week. It smells like he was receiving preferential treatment from professional staff, but a fin aid transcript, some simple math and better coaching from his legal counsel would make him seem less suspect. Got my popcorn and watching all of this unfold (unfortunately)….

    1. Yeah…it’s very fishy. If he was a “student worker” he DEFINITELY was not supposed to be putting in more than 20 hours. Like the other poster said (Jay) I do believe that he was receiving preferential treatment.

  3. Oh please, the math still ain’t adding up. He was taking all those electives that weren’t in his major just to continue to cyphone that money from fin aid while soliciting instagram admiration.

    He may be a 4.0, but he is also a little cunt in person.

  4. Lmao y’all gullible. Take it from someone who comes from a long line of attorneys, their job is to get ahead of things and spin.

    I also have fam that received scholarships to Howard and still has almost 6 figures of debt even with scholarships and grants. Either he stole the money or he got preferential treatment from the 5-6 people that were mishandling money.

    Either way it doesn’t look good on him if he plans to sit for the Bar exam. They take this shit very seriously.

  5. If you wanna listen to his interview its here. blacksportsonline.com/home/2018/03/tyrone-hankerson-jr-admits-he-was-fake-flossing-for-the-gram-but-breaks-down-how-he-legally-finessed-429k-in-his-7-years-at-howard-video/2/

  6. Listen, this story was ALL about HYPE! Im not innocent cause i was all invested trying to get to the bottom of things too! With the memes, his fashions, the “how did he pull it off-ness” of it all (plus i think he’s cute lol) but when i listened to his interview i felt bad, cause it seems ole boy got the money from being a 4.0 student, doing school ALL YEAR, working in the office, and being involved in the extra curricular activities, all these things made him eligible for grants given, when applied, at the schools discretion. Every school has little grants here & there that alotta people dnt know about or meet the requirements, so i think alotta people are mad that he made the most of his time at college, so it makes them fell better to belive he stole it, Oh and happy Easter yall!

  7. I learned the hard way last year after having a tragic situation involving a family member that made national headlines, that people will make up false things about you just to push a certain narrative. I am now more inclined to wait before making a quick judgement against someone. Of course some of these people do get caught up like those in Hollywood who are being exposed and they always come back with a quickly crafted PR response to ease the damage, but sometimes people are actually telling the truth. I have no doubt he probably used some of his college money to get material things but what college student doesn’t who get loans and aid. I am hoping he did not cheat somebody out a chance for higher education but if he did let the investigation play out. I sort of feel bad for the dragging that this dude has gotten. It goes to show you that sometimes you are better off hiding in plain sight and not being too showy because if he is telling the truth, a majority of people are never going to believe it due to his flossing. I haven’t really read all of the details yet but I would never want my private financial information shared with the public that is foul. In the big scheme of things it is very plausible that these are legitimate expenses, because private college tuition is far from cheap.

  8. Something about this sounds fishy although I do have a discounted situation myself so that doesn’t sound wrong the stuntin’ somebody else’s range rover tho’ and the Ive been getting messages & support world wide 😒😒

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