The Year of Exposure Continues: Fabolous, Welcome To Your Entry

one of the reasons i’m glad i stopped being envious other relationships.
i rocked with fabolous real heavy.
i bought his first album when it came out and kept up since.
i liked a majority of his songs and features.
he had a few mixtapes recently that were fiyah.
this being my all time favorite song from him:

so i was extremely disappointed to read about his recent shenanigans.
he had an alleged domestic violence dispute with emily b,
the mother of his cubs,
and it ended up getting violent.
it got so bad that he allegedly knocked both her front teeth out.
this is story via “ny daily news”

Hip hop artist Fabolous is accused of punching the mother of his children repeatedly in the face, knocking out two of her teeth — and was caught on video screaming at her and hurling threats at her father.

Court documents obtained by accuse Fabolous — who was arrested on domestic violence charges this week in Englewood, N.J.of hitting a woman seven times, resulting in “severe damage to her two front teeth,” which she ended up losing.

The report does not reveal the woman’s identity, but TMZ reported earlier this week that reality star Emily Bustamante, the rapper’s longtime on-and-off girlfriend, is the alleged victim in his arrest.

Video of Fabolous in a shouting match with Bustamante and her father outside their home, meanwhile, was published online Saturday by TMZ. The footage, which was filmed Wednesday, shows the rapper telling Bustamante’s father he has a bullet with his “name on it.”

Bustamante told police that Fabolous — real name John Jackson — threatened her through text messages on March 7, saying he wished to strike her with a baseball bat, according to a police affidavit for probable cause obtained by

The rapper also allegedly told her he’d kill her, but added that he “did not want to go out like that.”

She told cops she feared Fabolous, 40, would turn violent toward her, and she asked her father to remove two firearms from the rapper’s home. Fabolous ultimately confronted her, her father and her brother when he couldn’t find the weapons, according to the court documents, which seemed to be the incident captured in the TMZ video.

When he could not locate the guns, the defendant left the house, but not before informing the victim, her father and her brother that he had a bullet for them,” the documents read, according to

Fabolous was charged with third-degree aggravated assault and third-degree terroristic threats on Wednesday after he turned himself in to police.

and this is the video that was released:

you can see how scared she is.
that scream she let out and the baby crying in the background…
dis too much.
as you know,
or didn’t,
but emily b isn’t the toughest of vixens.
we already saw that during her season of “lhhny”.
chick telling she slept with fab while you were pregnant and it’s tears?
chrissy had to drag that hoe for you:

this part in the video tho:

“that’s my father…” – emily

“i don’t give a fuck!
why the fuck you have him at my house?” – fab

i’m curious to know more about that exchange.
either way,
i’m disgusted at fab.
everyone told her to leave him,
but she choose to be “off and on” and pumping out more kids.
i hope losing her alleged front teeth will put some fire under her ass.

lowkey: i’m shocked her male family members didn’t deliver the fade.

article cc: ny daily news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “The Year of Exposure Continues: Fabolous, Welcome To Your Entry

  1. She will stay with him “because he loves me and the kids”. And for the “ska of the kids” we will work it out.
    As Mya Angelou stated, “when a person shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”
    That episode on video shows us only a bit, however if someone who “loves” you hits you so hard that he knocks your teeth out…I’m sorry but that is not a forgivable moment!

  2. Not a nice thing Fab did. I want to also stress that men are not always precursor to these problems…females can be full of it, cunning and setup all kinds of plans. I don’t want to hear no talk about a man shouldn’t hit a woman. I believe that logic is bull crap. Women don’t get any special treatment just because they are women. If she hit you, hit her back. I didn’t say beat or anything like what he did though.

    Pretty family but man..a mess of a situation.

    Some dudes are crazy and some men are driven crazy, and yes, verbal abuse is just as bad & women will use that as a tool as well.

    Now I didn’t mean it as if you should get all Mike Tyson or anything…just saying

    As for this situation, when you get in a bad relationship and kids are involved, involved things tend to get messy. If You get married and all that bull, it gets even messier.

    Time after time again, I am reminded that what you see on social media as couple goals may not be what you think. We really don’t know what goes on behind closed doors.

    And just because you are a man doesn’t mean you have to put up with a contentious woman either. They will try you but not every man or person responds the same way.

    I once heard a man and woman arguing and he was sick and tired of her and she was crying and whatnot. He was pissed. I heard him say something about him being thousands of dollars in debt because of her, just to keep her happy and all that but all she does is want and complain. He didn’t hit her or anything but the argument was loud afterwards.

    Thank the Lawd I’m selfish. I’ll donate to charity and i give to the needy but I will not share anything I’ve earned with someone to equate to a better half. It sounds pretty weird I know but I’ve always had that mentality that I don’t need to have a “soul mate”. I was already born complete.

    I wonder if she would benefit from taking self defense classes if he really is the problem?

    I know you should nip any sign of negativity the first moment you see it and never let anyone lay a hand on you without cause.


  3. Emily will be blamed because she keeps going back… all the hip hop honchos will forgive Fab say he’s reformed, & continue to hale him as a legend and these thirsty thots will continue to be in his dm’s

  4. Yo my patience aint set up like that, call me emotionless or whatever, but if i were Emily i would at the VERY least…..jus be BORED! I dnt HOW long they been together but it Feels like ive been hearin about them 8 or more years, i could not be with a mufuka that long and still give the SAME energy for the SAME bullshit like ya aint gone through it 100 times before, and now if its to the point where he can look in your face while he REPEATEDLY hits you, then Ma’ its time to accept the heartbreaking fact that he does not genuinely love you! And jus from this video you can see Emily is still mad timid, I can’t realistically see her being able to pop off to a point of enraging a nigga enough to go that hard at her (not that THAT would have justified it anyway, im jus sayin) And if you ask me she too damn pretty to be lettin a nigga who JUST got his teefs done, be knockin hers out!

  5. I have to be honest and say I am not too surprised by this at all. Emily has been with him for so long that there had to be some type of abuse going on to get her to stay that long. I hope she has sense enough to leave, especially since he has threatened her father.

  6. It’s sad when someone goes through any type of abuse and even more saddening when they choose to stay time after time.

    This probably isn’t anything new for all of them involved, but it’s most likely the first time it was recorded.

  7. He had a Knife or some kind of weapon in his hand too. Throw the whole pineapple away.

    I legit forgot about Fabolous along with Fetty Wap. They’re both in the “who?” file for me personally. Fab is cancelled but nothing of value was really lost anyway.

  8. Eh… Just another trash ass rapper.. I don’t know what people expect from them when they get with them lol. It’s pretty black & white if you ask me.

    And yes sometimes we do need to know the full story because women know how to maipulate things to their convenience. But I’m not saying that’s the case here.

    Emily is just another bird who will let a dude treat her like shit as long as he comes home to her with the cash and as long as he carries his kids. This reminds me of the Karrueche and Brown situation. Some women are just too weak or lazy to get out. Sad reality.

    Seeing the dad try to fight for her got me though. A lot of these rappers better watch how they treat women especially if they have daughters. One day a dude is going to be doing your daughter the way you did with your baby mother.

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