Your Perfect Match?

my home-vixen went through hell with her ex-fiance/baby daddy.
i mean,
he had out here looking absolutely crazy.
when she paid his whole way to a “couple’s retreat” to flex on his other hoes.
i’m talking doing the most on ig.

  his harem didn’t care because he was back fuckin em once he came home.
she loved him tho and wanted to make it work for their cub,
but she realized that she had to go.
she remained single for 2 years until

so she hit me up a month ago with news she is dating someone.
the first year after she put out the trash,
she was in her “lowkey stalking” phase.
we all go through it.
the second year,
she followed my lead to work on healing herself.
when i asked her a few years back about online dating,
she was against it.
most of her romances were from various jobs.
don’t shit where you eat?
so a few months ago,
she set lowkey up an account on a dating site thru her phone.


she hit up some wolf that the service said was “her best type”.
she is real meek,
but i was shocked to hear she was being more aggressive.
heartbreak and healing will do that to ya.
can i get a…

he liked what he saw and hit her back.
they been dating for a while now.
she has been keeping him super low key,
since her last couple relationships ended in absolute horror,
but she finally showed me what he looked like over the weekend…

hubba hubba.
he is absolutely fine.
handsome facials and his bawdy is crazyyyyyyyyyy.
it rivals some of the meat i post on the foxhole ig.
the best part?
he doesn’t do social media like that.
you would think he would be an attentionisto,
but he is one of the few who doesn’t fuck with it.
so i know you’re wondering what site they met on.

i been hearing so much good reviews about match.
some of my mutuals know folks who done got married off there too.
straights and gays.
my home-vixen just attended a gay wedding for a match success story.
the catch is you have to pay to join.
it’s about 10 dollars a month,
but compared to other “free” ones,
this one seems to get the best reviews.
i’m interested in checking it out.
i want to get my paws wet again.
i miss going out and enjoying the company of a wolf.
it seems to be working for so many others out here…

Why not?

lowkey: i know some are skeptical,
but don’t ruin it for others who want to try something new.

match: ios | android

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Your Perfect Match?”

  1. I say try it, you never know . I feel like the people on match are more focus on relationships and finding that someone special and not sex.

  2. Hmmm. You’ll get your time. A change in scenery might be nice for you. That’s what I’ll be doing soon. I’m way to focused on my future rather than a man or woman.

    I know you will disagree with this but I don’t think anyone should have to pay to find romance or a match. Just go to events and places where your type frequent and be confident. (Unless you’re too shy or something, but I mean if you’re that shy to speak up about what you want, do you really need it? I know if you really desire something, you will go for it.

    How you thank all them Shrek’s be pulling fine females. Confidence goes a long way.

  3. Definitely can be useful, but make sure you go ahead and pay that money for a nice background check before you’re in your feelings.

    You don’t want to be 9 months into the relationship and realize he’s on the sex offender registry, or she’s buried 3 husbands and collected an life insurance payout on all three, or someone is $800,000 in debt lol

  4. Aww, that was nice to hear about your friend finding a good wolf after dealing with an a**hole. Jamari I agreee with you I think you should join. You deserve to be happy, I can’t wait for the day you post about your wolf.

      1. Are you still thinking about moving down south? There are fine men everywhere but it’s something about a southern corn bred fed wolf that just drives me crazy and their southern accents😍😍😍.

  5. I think it is honestly what you make it, like most things in life. I know multiple people that have used that site. The people that were not ready did not find success. The people that were ready and were open to the possiblity of finding someone did great. Alot of marriages or permanent coupling and some babies resulted from it.

    1. ^i agree b.
      it’s all in how you use it.
      it may work for others and be a disaster,
      but life is all about experiences and learning lessons.

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