Kiss Him On His Tatts?

tumblr_naos6iR86C1t6ufgto1_500he has nice tatts.
the stars and paw prints add a nice touch.
okay fine.
you caught me.
thats not what i was looking at.
neither were you so…

WOLF MEAT: (307)

tumblr_mlhks9Evyb1r7sbm4o1_500i thought you wolves may want something a tad,
for lunch…

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WOLF MEAT: (306)

tumblr_m5xrz19Ksd1qab20vo1_1280free for all of junkindatrunktv country bumpkin butt cheeks.
just in time for lunch

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WOLF MEAT: (305)

tumblr_le00n49vZF1qfzmt6o1_500i always liked those side booty shots.
i like to see the arch.
either way,
he is cute…

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WOLF MEAT: (303)

IMG_4456you sitting in a restaurant,
eating your lunch,
and then this walks in…

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WOLF MEAT: (302)

tumblr_ml1uhoEKJa1qih2r0o3_1280happy hump day.
wolf meat day?
sounds like a juicy idea.
well let’s start off with this lightskin cutie

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