lebron james needs to be in the espn body issue (period)

why hasn’t lebron james been in the espn body issue?
he is the body issue.
all those issues,
and he hasn’t graced the pages to bless us with the meats.

he posted a video of him working out for “space jam 2” on his stories and well…

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Maravilla Has A Dominican Arch and Dimples On His Bunz

i love tail dimples.
that’s when you know you have some nice bunz.
is maravilla advertising these days?
i mean,
it seems more than regular?
well i guess when you have bills to pay

WOLF MEAT: (306)

tumblr_m5xrz19Ksd1qab20vo1_1280free for all of junkindatrunktv country bumpkin butt cheeks.
just in time for lunch

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WOLF MEAT: (305)

tumblr_le00n49vZF1qfzmt6o1_500i always liked those side booty shots.
i like to see the arch.
either way,
he is cute…

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you feeling hungry?
i got a golden arch for you…

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Get Into Position…

…. get your mind out the gutter!
He is stretching….