the aliens have arrived? (last one to mars is a rotten egg)

i’m kinda ready for the alien invasion.
i mean,
i’d prefer that than:

imagine being on some hippolyta from “lovecraft country” shit?
they come and tell us some of us can move to mars.

BYE!” – says me.

earth is becoming way too ghetto and below the poverty line for me.

it seems like the aliens have already touched down upon us.
the alleged video of this news journalist tho…


et phone home?
they swiped the skin of someone black too?
they really trying to get points with us already.
they are saying we have allegedly put one in the white house too:

i’m telling ya’ll i’m for it.
it might keep mofos in the damn house so we can get rid of the rona.
knowing how some of these folks operate tho…

They’ll be trying to take a selfie close to a damn spaceship

the first one to successfully do it gets 100k likes on a pic.

lowkey: imagine mars having a better dating pool of wolves?
like damn,
i had to leave earth to get in a solid relationship?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “the aliens have arrived? (last one to mars is a rotten egg)”

  1. I’m down to be be an alien sex experiment. Rub advanced lube all over my body that feels like sex? No STDs and my skin absorbs it? YES.

  2. Jamari, these are videos of other videos. You can add any effects from tons of apps. Let me see this LIVE and then I’m down to get probed by aliens.

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