7 thoughts on “so dan purdy was an actual black and gay, maga, and non-cartoon male?

  1. It gives Black Mirror vibes because of all the theories of video manipulation and what not. I’m always wondering why all these amazing technologies have such corny names.

  2. I have a theory (that doesn’t buy into the ‘deep fake’ playbook)

    Byl and Dean are lovers. Byl and Dean live together. Byl shared this from a shared device not realizing he was signed in under Dean’s account.

    (Dean is ‘married’ but there aren’t really any pictures of his wife, but just him and his dog)

    Dean has Byl (henceforth pronounced Bile) make a video explaining it while at the same time not divulging any information that could hint of some deeper relationship between the two. This explanation, however, posits more questions than answers because people are still trying to figure out how they intersect.

    Byl has a history posting under deans account a lot as well as some really big sh!t-takes on social matters in general . I think these two know each other more than he lets on. But they still produced some weird, weird scenarios of how it all comes together.

    I’m so sorry my Lady Marmalade has to deal with this during her Patti Pie month.

  3. This is open and shut. It’s a voice actor along with a Deep Fake video to give the republican homophobe legitimacy. I think Deep Fakes are very dangerous as they could be used to frame someone.

  4. I think he’s real cause that’s definitely the look, cadence, and ignorant thoughts of a black Trump supporter! WEIRD!!!

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