don’t forget to add the “appeal” in “sex appeal”

just because you have a nice body,
that doesn’t mean you have sex appeal.
i think that is a very common misconception that folks have.
one of my foxholers was discussing this attentioinisto on IG the other day.
he has a nice face and bawdy,
but for whatever reason,
he never really turned me on “on”.
he was just muscle and tail.
not gonna hold you but…

Self-absorbed people are NEVER sexy.

as i suspected with him,
a lot of folks with nice bawdies are still the nerds and outcasts deep inside.
having a nice bawdy can get you in the door but what happens after?
having sex appeal,
in my opinion,
is really the “appeal“.
you can have sex with anyone or anything (if that’s what you’re into),

Do you have the “appeal” part?

these are 4 key things that give us “appeal”…


the people you think are sexy tend to have all of those following traits.

The way you look at someone as if they’re the only person in the room.
Your energy is open in making others feel comfortable to let their guard down.
You have this unexplainable ability to make people like you for no reason at all.
You have a hint of danger or you create thoughts in others like “should I be doing this?
lowkey: crazy people are exciting.
how many males still fuck the shit out of the “crazy hoe” after he destroyed his car?

truth be told,
many gay males have that danger to other males who are curious.
how many males are “straight” but still risk it all to be inside of your foxhole?

to certain males,
you are the sexiest thing because they’re not supposed to be attracted to you.
they are breaking the rules of how they were raised and brought up.
once you turn them TF out,
it’s game over on everything they were not supposed to do.
as much as they deny,
people love breaking rules.
we love to do things that might get us in trouble with our parents.

He is not supposed to be attracted to another male,
but something about you makes his dick harder than cement.

…and for some gay males,
that is what brings excitement in messing with dl males as well.
ima say something controversial but…

Every side hoe/piece has the sex appeal the wife/husband usually lacks.

that’s why they were attracted to them in the first place.

 there is a difference between sex appeal and cute/handsome/beautiful/muscular.
there are some cute but boring-ass people out there.
social media is the only thing that makes them have sex appeal.
this is why when we meet them in real life,
we are usually disappointed.
oh and you can be:

Skinny and have sex appeal
Fat and have sex appeal

it goes far beyond the physical.
a nice bawdy is great to look at,
but if you don’t have the sex appeal to carry it off then…


Author: jamari fox

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