is lamonte stennis determined to turn off his main fan base?

out of all the attentionistos,
lamonte stennis of exotic paintings is one who disappointed me.
maybe it was his muscular ass thighs that hypnotized me?
he decided to be really obnoxious about his trump supporting.
we have to accept others will have different views than us,
but when you say things that are a literal turn off?

a foxholer sent me what he posted and i’m thinking to myself

…why would you say ^this when your main fan base is black and gay?
weird because i actually thought of him after the biden domination.
it seems he had a lot to font:

did he start packing yet because…
lamonte needs to stop acting like a dork,
but this could be what keeps us talking about him.
my thing is once that novelty of that wears off

What’s next?

a fat ass and some dick don’t always keep people around.
don’t turn off your main fan base lamonte.

lowkey: actually he checks off all the “sex appeal” traits.
and has a hint of danger.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “is lamonte stennis determined to turn off his main fan base?”

  1. There are plenty of Black Republicans and Republicans in general who don’t support this Hate extremist Trump. He wants clout and brownie for supposedly having “different views” from everyone but in reality who cares. If you support Trump then support this L

      1. He should move. No other country except Russia, Israel, Hungary, Poland etc. likes Trump or the Trumpers and they can’t stand Black people over there, so let him try one of those!

  2. Don’t you have to be Legitimately important or famous to be canceled? Or is this applying to anybody now.

    Canceled culture in my opinion is fickled anyway.

    First they drool, then cancel, then start drooling again.

    But it’s laughable How highly these attentionistos think of theirselves.

  3. He says that Problematic stuff cause he knows the thirsty gays ain’t going nowhere! All he needs to do is smile with his fat ass and he’ll never get cancelled!

  4. Lil Pump aka Little Pimp as Trump called him said he was moving too if Biden won but it turns out he didn’t even vote, because that other Trump chump Lil Wayne he wasn’t even registered. Buffoonish ish. Maybe Lamont and Lil Pump can sail off into the sunset together. Girls, bye!

  5. He doesn’t seem to be too smart. I stopped following him after I found out that he is a big Trump supporter. He needs to be educated on black history. I wonder if his parents are Trump supporters. I hate to say this but a lot of the Trump supporters are greedy and selfish.

  6. He isn’t the most articulate person, and when I had numerous discussions with him about racism and such. He wasn’t really able to articulate his position, bc there wasn’t one. I also pointed out a few dependencies, and he blocked me. He will never get a dime from me.

  7. This is a 100 percent coon as nigga he cant cancel the mf’s that’s putting money in his pocket fuck him with that fucked up hand and short dick

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