bobby lytes wants us to know he is fully aware he is in a situationship with andre marhold

some wolves don’t like it when you put claims on them.
i know the sex is grand but relaxxxxxxx.
you might not even be the one who truly gets his heart.

Sidebar: It’s like those folks that were a doormat for some emotionally unavailable male.
After 8 years of back and forth,
ya’ll break up and he marries the new bitch after 3 months.
Total bummer.

if he say he single,
he’s sees himself as single regardless of who he is entertaining.
a week ago,
andre marhold wanted us to know this:

this happened…

the body language looks like there is something there.
bobby left this caption under andre’s latest video:

i don’t know if they’re just creating controversy or what,
but i can see bobby getting hurt.
he is pretending to be moving like he knows what he’s doing,
but is doing the opposite in my eyes.
he keeps having to explain himself and that is the obvious sign.

I don’t claim anyone until I know it’s serious.

you know when a wolf is serious about you.
for damn sure wouldn’t be promoting a heavy fwb situation.
give me the dick when i needs it and go thatta way —->
this might end up getting messy and i’ll allow this storyline.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “bobby lytes wants us to know he is fully aware he is in a situationship with andre marhold”

    1. I initially thought he was attractive but it’s gone now.. He’s cringey. Especially after hearing him speak LOL.

      And I agree with you Jamari^.. Idk if he’s lost weight but he looks skinnier now for some reason. Definitely not a good look on him

    2. I’m over the big muscles and thick men I see too many of them. I think he is really physically attractive but everything else about him is just a turn off. I like a really tall lean ripped man.

  1. He ain’t that attractive and he’s certainly skinnier (probably coke and other substances)…. He’s old news and no one cares anymore. Initially people thought he was a real NBA baller, until they found out he’s average overseas bball reject. This is one attentionisto they need to let fade away.

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