SOCIAL MEDIA UPDATE: being thoughtful to a straight male when he’s sick is gay

imagine being sick af,
like wild sick,
and another male brings you soup and you say:

“Nah homie,
that’s too gay.
I might just have to die.”

a foxholer sent me the following video and i was pretty grossed out.
three (maybe four) grown-ass jackals stewing in toxic masculinity

x original link at wshh

the bald one looks like she would eat the inside out of a cat sammich so there’s that.
wow tho.
imagine someone actually giving af about someone was being gay?
this is why some of ya’ll can’t have nice things.
when the rona had just started,
i sent a few messages to some straight wolves to see how they were doing.
99% responded they were grateful af for me checking in.
i guess because i was raised in barbados,
and with class,
i have a different approach to friendship.

Who knew being thoughtful was a “gay” trait?

i must be gay as hell then.

i’m gonna label them as dorks with this “below the emotional poverty line” thought process.
they represent everything wrong with black america.

lowkey: funny they think that is gay,
but it’s the masculine ones who are on the dl that they hang tough and procreate with.
imagine how much i cackle at that shit?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “SOCIAL MEDIA UPDATE: being thoughtful to a straight male when he’s sick is gay”

  1. Whew……… this is problematic af and why so many guys will remain DL and continue to play in the face of these same type of girls calling shit like this gay. Then they’ll cry to their homegirls when the find out and spew hate at us for taking men that never really belonged to them not realizing they could’ve easily changed this narrative by not saying dumb shit like in that video and allowing men to be emotional….. honestly… fuck them dumb ass girls.

    1. ^ “Then they’ll cry to their homegirls when the find out and spew hate at us for taking men that never really belonged to them”

      we gotta watch out for women like this.
      they are the types that will make males who are curious go further into the closet with the rhetoric.
      these types are the first to spew this nonsense,
      but look like they have big strap energy.
      its baffling to me.
      why don’t you live your own truth sis and leave us tf alone?

  2. There is a whole thread on what makes men gay. They can’t get dessert, have more than 2-3 drinks. It’s a mess! Being a heterosexual male is exhausting, they can’t do shit lmao!

        1. Stand there, say nothing, pay all the bills and show no emotion except lust and anger. While your woman can indulge in all her desires with food, drinks & more lol

  3. This was pathetic. They were literally BARELY approving his friends comforting him for his father’s death. And yes, the bald one is 100% a DL lesbo. That’s why she’s so worried about men. It bothers her wanting kittycat. I don’t let people do this to me. I call them out on it right then and there and they look STUPID!
    “Why you worried about him?”
    I’m supposed to let him die?
    Silence. They’re just mad nobody’s fawning over them. I know that loudmouth baldie has NOBODY checking up on her when she’s sick. Imagine her as a mother telling her son to man up with chickenpox.

    1. ^its always those undercover lesbians with the most opinions and slander on gay males.
      some black vixens are actually toxic but pretend to be so open to gay males.
      they end up competing with gay males like they do with other vixens…

  4. At 30 yrs of age, I’m so “use” to this that I just laugh now, the life of a straight man SUCKS! YOU CAN’T HAVE/DO SHIT! Lol I could never! So I’m so thankful I’m gay and immune to all these rules, shit I’ll take the criticism over living an imprisoned life, this is why men typically die before women, all that damn stress!

  5. How more toxic can you be? When was showing compassion and care towards your friends gay? Women can be more homophobic than straight men sometimes. This is why we can’t ever get anywhere.

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