banished jackal, billy santoro, is down under but down and out too?

when it rains; it pours.
when you’re a bumbling idiotic jackal,
it’s a damn hurricane.
remember we fonted about ex-porn star jackal,
billy santoro,
and his gross ranting about black folks because of the george floyd riots?
( x see that entry here )
i mean they dragged his ass to a suicide attempt.
he blames his past actions on his meth addiction:

but now it seems life is dragging him to eviction.
it beez those sex parties via “smh”

[A] new apartment controversy has emerged. Owners at the nearby Monument complex in Surry Hills are grappling with a much trickier issue: adult film stars. A US porn star and his boyfriend are renting an apartment at the Woods/Marsh designed residential complex overlooking Sydney’s Oxford Street gay-mile. But the pair’s habit of working from home during the pandemic has put residents on edge. Neighbours have complained about visitors to the seventh-floor apartment and – how to phrase this? – failing to practice social distancing during meet-and-greets organised via social media. Authorities have been called to the building at least three times, including one incident in August which involved both police and ambulance officers. “I can confirm Surry Hills police attended, however, the incident is not of public interest and would cause no concern for other residents,” a police spokeswoman said. But the strata committee has decided enough is enough and ruled that the pair is “disturbing the peaceful enjoyment of surrounding lots with extreme noise.” It has served a notice on the duo requiring them to comply with the complex’s by-laws. If that fails, mediation and a penalty notice may follow.

here is how they figured out it was him via “str8 gay porn“:

While racist Santoro isn’t identified by name in the report, process of elimination leads anyone to reasonably assume it’s him, given Santoro’s recent move to Sydney, his sex parties he advertises on Twitter and, most conclusively, the screencap from a recent Santoro video recorded at his apartment, in which you can clearly see the Monument complex buildings noted by the paper.

imagine getting banished to another country and can’t get it together over there?
they so concerned with being down under,
they about to be down and out in the process.
good Lawd.
his husband is definitely very dedicated to that train wreck because if it was me:

i gots tah go.

article cc: smh | str8 gay porn

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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