banished jackal, billy santoro, is down under but down and out too?

when it rains; it pours.
when you’re a bumbling idiotic jackal,
it’s a damn hurricane.
remember we fonted about ex-porn star jackal,
billy santoro,
and his gross ranting about black folks because of the george floyd riots?
( x see that entry here )
i mean they dragged his ass to a suicide attempt.
he blames his past actions on his meth addiction:

but now it seems life is dragging him to eviction.
it beez those sex parties via “smh”

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i didn’t know it could get that big (scared tf outta me)


the ocean fascinates me.
other than animals,
i can watch ocean docs all day.
we truly don’t know what really lurks beneath the surface.
you not gonna tell me some gigantic octopus isn’t waiting to make it’s debut…
well i’ve been very interested in checking out the new,
“the meg”,
which hit theaters today.
it’s about a gigantic shark called “megalodon”.
one that really existed ( x 2.6 million years ago ).
i didn’t know a shark that big could really exist.
it wasn’t until i saw this scroll down my twitter feed yesterday.
it was from “today” in australia and well…
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Kanye West Doesn’t Like… Anyone?

tumblr_inline_mpm7p0d3Tx1qz4rgpkanye west is gone.
this person who is walking around here is a shell of his former self.
i remember when he dropped “the college dropout” in 04.

Kanyewest_collegedropouti wore that cd out whenever i could!
i’m serious.
it got so scratched up,
that i had hell transfering it into mp3 format.
i faithfully bought every one of his albums that followed.
“graduation” being my absolute favorite.
it was like he spoke to me in his music.
when his mother passed and “george bush doesn’t like black people”,
i was officially sold.
i related with him on losing his parent,
and was pissed for my people who were being treated like dogs in new orleans.
he was so passionate about the people.
his people.
my people.
the blacks.
his voice reached the underdogs of the world.
well who knew,
years later,
he would make my stomach turn with the antics?
just seeing him now makes me sick.
besides marrying the biggest attention whore in history,
something he claimed he was so against way back when,
he also seems to have no respect for anyone.
his latest?
stopping his concert in australia,
demanding people to get up or he won’t continue…

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Be Careful of the HIV Down Under

australia…in australia, that is.
tv spots,
national awareness days,
as well as people dying right in front of you.
yet people dont listen.
hiv has hit australia pretty bad especially for “us”.
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Kevin McCall Goes Buck Wild Down Under

so is everyone who hangs with breezy wolf got anger issues?
foxhole favorite:

tumblr_mlnu9zpqZV1ql48q6o1_500kevin mccall was brawlin’ in australia over the weekend.
the last person ever i would think would show his ass (and not the way i would have hoped)

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