Be Careful of the HIV Down Under

australia…in australia, that is.
tv spots,
national awareness days,
as well as people dying right in front of you.
yet people dont listen.
hiv has hit australia pretty bad especially for “us”.
abc news has all the details…New statistics show the number of infections across the country rose by 10 per cent last year – the fastest increase in about 20 years.

Every year the Kirby Institute at the University of New South Wales releases a report on sexually transmissible infections (STIs) in Australia.

The latest report is not a good one, with increases reported for nearly all STIs.

But the most concerning numbers relate to HIV cases, according to the Kirby Institute’s Professor David Wilson, who conducted the study.

“It’s very alarming what’s happening with HIV at the moment. We’ve had over 1,250 cases of HIV recorded, that’s those that have been diagnosed,” he told AM.

“There are about 25 per cent of cases that are undiagnosed in Australia as well.”

“Unfortunately it does appear that, particularly in the gay community, condoms are not being used as much,” he said.

“And we’re seeing that particularly among the young men, those in their 20s, those that weren’t exposed to a lot of the public health campaigns of the ’80s and ’90s.”

The Australian Federation of AIDS Organizations says there has been a significant rise in gay men with casual partners having unprotected sex, particularly among men aged under 25.

Executive director Rob Lake says there is a need for a new strategy to encourage condom use and HIV testing.

“There’s a sense that HIV is an old story and visibility of people with HIV, because we’ve had such good results in terms of treatments, people getting well,” he said.

“HIV isn’t how it was… 15 or 20 years ago.”

chart---hiv-exposure-category-indigenous-population-data75VpmSlthat is scary and very similar to america.
to think i love the austrialian accent as well.
may the foxhole take care of themselves down under.
in more ways than one.
all of this hiv passing has me wondering…
nothing feels better than raw sex.
so i’m told.
wolves say the dick gets wrapped up in the tightness and grip of your walls.
plus its easier to get the pipe inside your ass without a condom on.
some wolves/hybrids want to feel what your insides feel like.
some foxes want to feel every inch and curve of his pipe.
you look good so you must feel good?
even when it comes to porn,
most people just want to see raw sex.
i’m starting to think its “monkey see; monkey do” now.
i’m all about some great back breakin’,
but i’m not trying to die for it.
i couldn’t help but wonder do people not like to us condoms because,
and be honest

Do condoms just ruin sex?

article found: abc news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Be Careful of the HIV Down Under”

  1. lol Alan i know thats right…im not trying to contract a life-long disease just for a few moments of pleasure…and this is why i’m celibate…everybody and their mom are having raw sex these days even on adam4adam and bgclive you see brothas saying “raw sex only” it’s scary how uninformed people are

    1. Niggas are saying shit like that on their profiles. Really? I just can’t. It is really sad how people do not care about their own health. This shit starts from within. Lack of self worth and low-self esteem is real.There is no such thing as being caught in the moment when you reach a certain age, as you age you become wiser.

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