What The Hell Happened To Mr. Obnoxious?

163191_470272698870_823435_nwell when it rains,
it becomes a hurricane….

mr. obnoxious aka william mccray ( x called out by a pastor ),
resigned from his position as an elder,
( x a recorded phone call ) from a lawyer,
( x posting apology letters ) on his blog,
and about to be sued and thrown in jail.
( x dildos in asses )???
extortion of a pastor???
death threats??
bishop sheard is involved with some secrets???
what in every bit of fuck???
and why does this pastor have his phone number anyway??
why would you blackmail someone in texts???
looks like mr. obnoxious will become mr. humble from the looks of it.
somehow i don’t think we have heard the last of mr. obnoxious.
he might just serve the church folks one last dish of humble pie.

lowkey: this is why i use my powers for good.
this is all a mess.
now can kerry rhodes lawyers do this to pepe le peanut?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “What The Hell Happened To Mr. Obnoxious?”

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised, maybe. But why bishop sheard got involved with that ugly thing?
        He is so gross looking and doesn’t even look like a human, I forgot Halloween is almost near.
        But damn why a lot of black fem guys causing so much troubles lately?

  1. These preachers are giving me a reason to not attend church.Not just the ones involved in this but also the ones whoring themselves out in these new reality shows.Ugh, I can’t stand em.All of there personalities are such turn offs.They’re proving what I’ve been saying all these years.I’ll continue to be an at home Christian instead of putting more money in these greedy materialistic ass hole’s pockets.

  2. The whole “church” concept was man made…Jesus spoke to crowds outside and in different places…he didnt take payments to preach the word of GOD and he spoke to the “outcasts” of society…the church has become the pharisees and sadducees that Jesus spoke against….smh Jesus wouldn’t be proud of this at all…and the said thing is that these few idiots DON’t represent the majority of pastors out there…there are plenty of great churches i see more nonsense like this in mega churches that are more so ran like corporations then houses of worship…and he looks weird

  3. Damn these church girls are no joke lmao. He was shut the hell down, the old saying is so true, be careful when you are digging a ditch for someone because you may fall in it. He was so high and mighty just a few weeks ago saying he had scandalous tea to pour on everybody and now he has had his ass handed to him on a communion platter. I didnt know he was a real elder in the church, only thought he just used that title to get people to his blog. It couldnt have happened to a better person than this mean spirited hateful queen. Oh well get it how you live it.

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