Kevin McCall Goes Buck Wild Down Under

so is everyone who hangs with breezy wolf got anger issues?
foxhole favorite:

tumblr_mlnu9zpqZV1ql48q6o1_500kevin mccall was brawlin’ in australia over the weekend.
the last person ever i would think would show his ass (and not the way i would have hoped)

eva come get your wolf!
why he gotta say he a real east side nigga tho?
what that gotta do with anything?
would that scare the boos into cheers?
he better be glad security came to rescue his ass.
that audience would have been singing another tune for him:

lowkey: his body is a problem.
everything just sticks out and is proportioned right:

13 thoughts on “Kevin McCall Goes Buck Wild Down Under

  1. @ The Man: I used to all the time in college.

    There was this Puerto Rican or Dominican dude in my Finite Math class that just had me weak.

    Like physically ill. Lol

    He’d always be sagging just enough and would have on yellow and purple underwear or pink and lime green.

    That ass was unbelievable. Lol

    1. Stop playing JAY….that shyt sounds out! I have a weakness for PR and DR men, especially DR men!

  2. LMAO…@y’all and this underwear shit. Y’all gonna start a debate in here in a min. I’m gonna be no more good if y’all start debating about draws lol.

  3. Ive been seeing his updates about his trip on insidegram and its definitely changed my idea of him. Hes still fine but hes slowly trending towards The Valley of the Use To Be’s.

  4. Lol I thought I was the only one who figured “bitches” by their boxers. AE and American eagle being for Butch queens.. Express for the butch-er butch queens

      1. I agree.

        You can tell a lot about a gay/bi dude by his underwear.

        The ones that wear AE trunks are the freakiest though.

        If a dude is sagging to show off his colorful trunks that means he is ready to mate. Lol

      2. I haven’t even seen a dude who wears AE draws or a dude sagging in colorful draws. Who does that? if a dude is wearing colorful draws he doesn’t want them to be seen lol.

  5. he is the one que that tries so freakin hard to act like a nupe…sorry had to let that out this niggga is irking

  6. Who the fuck do he think he is? Nigga you ain’t Trey Songz and them lol. Sit down dude.

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