when your toxic boss has you out here catching the rona

you ever had a toxic boss that didn’t operate on empathy and compassion?
i know of a boss who made his assistant go into the office during a snow storm.
he was home,
we were home,
but she was troopin’ through high winds and snow banks to go to an office.
she was in her late 60s doing that shit too.
he was white,
and abusive af to her.
she would run past my desk in tears over the awful treatment.
i heard of a boss who didn’t want an employee to attend the funeral of a loved one.
the boss was quoted as asking:

“How close were you to them?”

i can only imagine what it’s like to work under trump’s ass.
well as a boss,
he done exposed his whole secret service to the rona with his toxic behavior.
this is what a foxholer sent me via “yahoo news“…

A coronavirus outbreak has forced more than 130 U.S. Secret Service officers to isolate or quarantine themselves after either testing positive for the illness or coming into close contact with someone who has, The Washington Post first reported on Friday.

The outbreak, reportedly affecting some 10% of the Secret Service’s core workforce, appears to be the latest consequence of President Donald Trump’s refusal to consistently follow basic health and safety precautions during the pandemic.

The New York Times confirmed the outbreak, reporting that at least 30 uniformed officers have tested positive and 60 have been asked to isolate.

The officers who are sick or otherwise forced to stay home generally help protect the White House and the president at events. They have been privately worrying for months about how Trump’s careless attitude toward the deadly virus may be putting their health and the health of their families needlessly at risk. The nature of their jobs, however, does not allow them much say over the president’s behavior.

130 people!!!!!!!

imagine risking folk’s lives to a losing campaign
they all exposed to the rona and his fuckin’ ass is out here doing this shit,
calling it “the trump” for the tik tok crowd:

who is gonna do this nonsense?
i wanted to press the button on the trap door for ivanka’s ass for saying this shit below:

…and they wonder why biden got a flawless victory.
i know the secret service is gonna throw a party on trump’s last day.
i’m waiting for their tell-all books from this diaster of a presidency.

article cc: yahoo news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “when your toxic boss has you out here catching the rona”

  1. There are too many people out here thinking corona isn’t real. Especially with the things he has said and then eventually got it. Even then most people still think it’s a hoax or not real and still tried to vote him
    In again when he didn’t handle this situation as best as he could. People are so content with racism and their privilege that they don’t care who gets the virus.

    1. ^a friend of mine contracted the rona due to his wife.
      she allegedly got it around halloween and he was telling me the breathing issues are really bad.
      it’s was enough for me to be more cautious.

      i was supposed to go to bk for thanksgiving,
      but i’m scared those plans will get cancelled.

  2. So many people don’t think the Rona is bad but scientists have figured out that it attacks the body’s vascular (blood vessel) system, so it can affect your entire body in ways that you cannot predict. It is far worse than the common flu strains out there. There are many people who got it, didn’t die from it, but have permanent damage to their lungs, heart, brain, kidneys, spleen, liver, and of course your entire blood vessel system. If you have underlying conditions you know about and aren’t treating or may not know about (high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.) you are in extreme risk.

    But the thing is, many people don’t believe it until it hits them because as Daposhon says, we’ve been so misinformed and disinformed by 45 and his administration. The tragedy is that in the richest country in the world, the USA, we did not have to have things get this bad. It has been total Trump failure; look at Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Denmark, Taiwan, even little Uruguay. The USA is the worst off in terms of total deaths, total infections, etc. and after 9 months there still is no plan beyond cruel “herd immunity” (which is deadly) to stop this horrible virus and its effects. It’s criminal.

    He’s declared war on the American people, and it’s going to continue until he’s out of the White House and Biden, whatever you think of him, takes over in January. Even then it’s going to be a challenge to reverse this disaster. And it is a disaster.

    PS Get your flu shot, which does protect you from the flu at least.

    1. we wasted our opportunity back in Feb and March to shut down the country and have national corona plan. it’s too late now, we can’t shut things down again like before withoutan intense stimulus package. people don’t have the money and savings to stay home.

    2. It is ASTONISHING to see/hear the people who believe the BS that comes from this man’s mouth. He really has these folks thinking it’s a hoax. When he caught it, and was hospitalized behind it, instead of warning folks…he plays it down. He had top notch care, knowing full well that ordinary folks who attend his rallies don’t have the same healthcare he does. He didn’t give a damn. He continued to sell the idea that it’s not a serious issue…and the dummies fell for it. Sadly, until it affects them and their families is when the come around, and by that time it is too late. The damage is done.

      Rona is no joke. My brother caught it along with a few of his co-workers, and now he has to use one of those breathing machines at night. His breathing is abnormal now. I noticed it last week for the first time when we were together.

      Sadly, even when he gets out of office these fools will continue to follow him. He speaks their “language” – hatred and bigotry. God help us if he chooses to run again in 2024. The Republicans are too scared of him to speak up against him, because they know if he gets on Twitter…it’s a wrap for them. He will continue to rule over the Republican party via Twitter.

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