when your toxic boss has you out here catching the rona

you ever had a toxic boss that didn’t operate on empathy and compassion?
i know of a boss who made his assistant go into the office during a snow storm.
he was home,
we were home,
but she was troopin’ through high winds and snow banks to go to an office.
she was in her late 60s doing that shit too.
he was white,
and abusive af to her.
she would run past my desk in tears over the awful treatment.
i heard of a boss who didn’t want an employee to attend the funeral of a loved one.
the boss was quoted as asking:

“How close were you to them?”

i can only imagine what it’s like to work under trump’s ass.
well as a boss,
he done exposed his whole secret service to the rona with his toxic behavior.
this is what a foxholer sent me via “yahoo news“…

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