how to lose friends and alienate people for thanksgiving

i was all set to head down to brooklyn for thanksgiving.
my home-vixen i use to work with,
one that i haven’t seen in a hot minute,
was throwing a small get-together at her crib.
the issue i was having was how i was getting down there.
she promised me a ride,
but in case that fell through,
i was gonna hop in an uber.

I wasn’t doing MTA at all

we have been watching the rona news carefully.
new yawk has been starting to spike something stupid.
cuomo was talking about gatherings only having 10 people.
she sent me this today…

plans canceled.
it might be for the best.
i’m learning rejection tends to be God,
The Universe,
and Spirit‘s protection.
one of my home wolves got the rona along with his wife.
he was telling me how his breathing has been pretty bad since.
the biggest shocker is jerimah battling with it in icu.
( x see that story here )

This is a mess.

a hot mess.
how disappointing is this holiday season gonna be?
i really wanted to be around someone(s) i love,
but it’s such a risk to even fuck with it.

aaah well.
i’ll have to order in and treat it as another day.

lowkey: i really wanted to get some jamaican while i was down there too.
we were gonna link up with our jamaican home vixen who i know was gonna throw down.


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8 thoughts on “how to lose friends and alienate people for thanksgiving”

  1. I’m sorry to hear that your plans got cancelled. Then reading about Jeremih is truly sad.

    Side note: I ride the NYC Subway daily & i feel safe down there. Just wear your mask (the most important part), be as distant as you can be & you will be fine.

  2. Look, I want to survive to have another holiday. Got COVID-19 in March and it was no joke — not trying to go through that experience again. I have grown kids and I’m a good cook so they want to pile over here on Thanksgiving. Hell no. I will make the meal, pack it in Styrofoam and leave it on the front porch for them and other family to pick up while I sit and watch football and enjoy my plate. Jamari I suggest you roast a Cornish Hen or chicken, get some stovetop stuffing and open a can of cranberry sauce and live to see another Christmas, Easter, Halloween and Thanksgiving!

    1. ^that sounds like a plan.
      i know folks who lost people because of the rona.
      there are folks who got it and are still effected because of it.
      that ex president of ours really dropped the ball and used this as a war against us.

      i’m glad you recovered and i will chill out until we are able to reunite safely with friends and family again.

  3. Its crazy how he caught in the hospital tho. Jeremiah went in for something else and was negative the reports said and then he caught there at the hospital.

  4. If you can cook a little something do it.
    If people are cooking and you can get a plate try and get some and go home. I think it’s best to not have any gatherings except for the people you’re constantly around.

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