tanksnlove is straight and only has gay scenes on his onlyfans (don’t get confused!)

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it beez the depression?
he has gone through the phases of bisexuality on his onlyfans.
he started out with vixens,
tail getting munched on,
started getting strapped,
and slowly started involving males in his onlyfans productions.
it’s interesting that he posts this today:

how he gonna tweet that,
but this happens over the weekend…


i’m gonna ask a controversial question:

Is Malik Joseph “straight” male poison?

his work with other gay males is decent,
but he has gotten with 3 “straights” and two have come crashing down.
lamont johnson,
and grandy glaze is on the way.
the above scene is not sexy.
is that scene really sexy to anyone?
nothing about it made me feel sexy or made me want to get off.
tanksnlove literally looks like someone told him that was a good idea.
malik is looking real:

the set up looks real thrown together.
they looked awkward and uncomfortable.

Which one of their PR people approved this?

that’s right.

tanksnlove needs to figure his life out.
he talked so much shit and does that nonsense.
if this is stemming from the alleged depression,
he needs to take a break and find a therapist.
he is looking really lost out here.
he threw down his final card and it was very un-inspiring.
if you gonna have sex with another male for the first time on camera,
don’t make it look like you’ve never done this before.

and got the nerve to be charging 20 dollars for it!?

the things they do for clout.
i hope it was worth it.
i think he has turned off a majority of his fanbase with the antics.

lowkey: one of foxholers said something really interested in dms about this…

i’ve legit noticed this with so many people.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

37 thoughts on “tanksnlove is straight and only has gay scenes on his onlyfans (don’t get confused!)”

    1. Why get mad at them when they are only playing by the rules YOU set. If they were to be open and honest and say they are gay you guys would lose interest quicker than you read this.

  1. This may be the 1st time they video taped the act, but this definitely is not the 1st time they had horribly boring sex. 😆

  2. That was awful as hell lol. The buyers of the content are being ripped off in the middle of a pandemic. Yea it looks like he is throwing everything against the wall hoping it will stick. There was absolutely nothing pleasurable about that.

  3. It’s sad his likes are full of drugs for sale (pills, etc). He clearly doesn’t even look as good as he did a few years back when he came up from the “paint n sip” era. He is on a one way road. It’s sad…

  4. He is Gay and so is every single “STRAIGHT” ( Holding in my laughter here..) male that Malik Joseph has featured recently.

    If it walks like a “DUCK” its a duck!! . This is not Trump’s” Alternative reality”. It doesn’t work for him and it sure isn’t going to work here!!!! LMAO!

    Next topic!!!

  5. You gotta read between the lines y’all. He said he’s not gay. There’s still bisexual and a whole other set of “orientations” to identify with……..or it’s the drugs 🥴

  6. So he’s str8 n secure enuff to post videos of himself effing himself with dick sized dildos that I’ve seen him doing, No really str8 man would do that just to make a few dollars….is it worth that little amt of dough to have his likeness on the WWW for a lifetime. He can fool himself all he wants..could care less.

  7. OK, I’m going to accept his statement that he is not “gay,” but the fact of the matter is his sexuality falls somewhere on the spectrum and it isn’t “straight” either. Queer, bi, pansexual, whatever it is, he clearly enjoys jacking off with dudes, getting pegged (by women), and now getting smashed by an openly gay man (Malik). Labels are just that, and many people reject or cannot accept them for a variety of reasons, including homophobia and biphobia, internalized confusion about their sexuality, fear, a desire to be different, and so on. That doesn’t make them “straight,” though, or it’s in name only. Given all the scenes dude has filmed, even if he’s on drugs to disinhibit he’s still doing this willingly. It’s not like he’s being raped (thank God). Just don’t send bruh any nude pics, unless he asks for them, I guess.

  8. I’m curious how much money he will make from these videos? Thousands,tens of thousands? Whatever it is, the money will probably be gone in a few months but these videos like others have said will be online forever.

    I’m also curious why they work with Malik,he seems to have a sketchy reputation/image?
    Well I hope he gets help for his mental health issues before it’s too late.

    1. Real friends that’s not on that would step in and help. Friends on the same thing, will enable him. Those are users. He needs help because something is really going on when percs don’t help. When you need something stronger, that’s a problem and I am not knocking anybody habit. To publicly ask for it, now that’s a problem.

  9. Wasn’t sexy cause first thing he looks strung out and rough af. Clearly not the same dude in the profile pic, false advertising. Second he got a known clueless power bottom more interested in duck facing the cam whole time on his non-arched back. If he was the same dude in the pics he might’ve sold it but as is its a huge fail.

    1. I think it may have went better if it wasn’t Malik period. Malik probably the one he getting high with.

  10. After Chadwick I (sometimes) just learned to keep my mouth shut. You really never know what the hell someone is going through, or what they went through which resulted in them behaving they way they do. He needs Prayer ASAP.

  11. Must be nice. Getting paid to be seen as “doing your job and being straight”, while getting to have the benefits of being “straight” and none of the baggage of being an out gay man.

    The mental gymnastics and cognitive dissonance. Let me tell you something Mr. Fox. Viagra couldn’t get me hard to do a woman. The man may not be “gay”, but he’s also not straight. Bisexual. Potsexual. Pansexual. Skilletsexual. Whatever!

  12. That was sad. They look tweaked out; Malik probably had some booger sugar in his nose when he wiped it. What is it about him that draws in the “straight’ boys? That’s some radioactive community peen if I ever seen it.

    1. I think they are referring to the pain pills named Roxicet, another brand name for the ingredients in the more commonly known (and abused) drug Percocet.

  13. I dont get why folks are in the dm’ s like really a bootleg pornstar that’s what you chasing men begging for 8 bucks for onlyfans not my cup of tea I’m chasing money and men with class and self esteem period

  14. Sadly, I can already tell how this story is going to play out. This is a young dude who like so many before him who comes from a small slow town (I think he is originally from Alabama) gets swallowed up whole in the Big Bad City. He was gassed up for being cute with a 6-pack like so many in this social media age who soon find out that “likes” dont equal rent, food and transportation. Before long you have done something “Strange for Change” and after that you need a little fix to keep going. It is a vicious cycle that plays out everyday on these “Internet Social Media Streets” Curiously when he first hit the scene, I remember an anonymous source here on the Foxhole indicated that he was “Gay” and just playing a role of being Str8 when they spilled the dirt on the Paint and Sip Crew and most of us dismissed it at the time but it has over time come to be possibly true. He probably has a super religious family coming from the Biblebelt, and cant deal with the fact that he may be gay or at the very least attracted to men. If he does not get help soon, I can see he will probably burn out bad. I hope that somebody will be able to reach out to him and save him from himself. If he keeps going at this pace, sad to say he is going to end up as a run through Bottom in the industry who will be passed around like Candied Yams at Thanksgiving.

    1. Nope, he’s from Birmingham. That’s a major city with over a million people in the metro. Dude is known as that dude around the part of Birmingham he’s from orginally. He’s clearly bisexual who leans towards dudes

  15. I guess👀 Ole boring ass lazy tired asses. Nothin about this is a turn on. They both look dusty, look like neither one of em have MEAT, more like meat, and both of em emaciated. Somebody buy both em a wopper Shit. Smdh! Sad that he don’t know, he can allege being straight all day but once you get some🍆, you can never say your straight again.
    A true straight man would neva be with a man for nothin in the universe, and will take yo life if a nigga try !! FACTS!! THROW THA WHOLE CAMERA IN THA TRASH SHITTT!!

  16. He should have left it a mystery. We all kind of figured they were fucking before they recorded it. Kind of like Devin and Vinny thing. We all knew they was fucking around some type of way. Vinny kept secretly recording Devin dick. He tried to get him on camera naked in a room, which you clearly seen Devin running. He got Devin dick on camera massaging his feet. And then it all stopped. Now Devin has a lil girl and Vinny is in a relationship with a guy. All that shit played out on Tumblr and Vinny has all the proof on his Onlyfans.

    Now I don’t think Tankslove will be passed around because he only fuck with Malik. He not going for anybody else. I wouldn’t be surprised if they make another video of Tankslove fucking Malik.

  17. Chino Blac, “all jokes aside gay men are just as bad as heterosexual people when it comes to boxed ideas of sexuality. For us to know better we surely don’t do better.”

    “I will put it like this, bottom on camera one time and see how open minded gay men are outside of these heteronormative constraints. We don’t allow each other to experience sexual liberation which is weird because our existence is that of being liberated”

  18. Being a guy male isn’t easy. But why claim to str8 and dealing with guys. Every man has gay tendency, but some fail to act upon. Human sexuality is a wonderful part of life.. Love it and be happy!!

  19. Ok I get it . he’s NOT Gay guys. He’s just a HetroNORMATIVE/ Allosexual/ Androsexual/ Asexual/ AutoSexual/ Bicurious/ Bisexual/ Cupiosexual/ Demisexual/ Fluid / Greysexual/ Gynesexual/ LGBTQIA+/ Monosexual/ Omnisexual/ Pansexual/ Polysexual/ Questioninh/ Sapiosexul / Sex-favorable / Sex-indifferent / Skoliosexual / Spectrasexual / Straight type of Guy. No worries

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