chris brown only wants his fans on his new venture

i loved that kirby pendant he use to rock.
remember the days we use to font about breezy wolf,
aka chris brown,
like a lot?
he was a staple on the foxhole at one point.
these days,
he is a father of two who has been staying out of trouble.
he made news today with a new venture he is doing…


i guess tyga inspired him to put his bid in.
if this was around this era:

…i would have def been interested.
not so much.
chris is charging 20 a month for 3 pics.
i’m hearing the meats and cakes are under wraps in said pics.

this probably will be some backstage/art shit.
tyga went hard (literally) during his first pic on his onlyfans.
i’ll wait for chris to prove me wrong.

check out chris on onlyfans: here

Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “chris brown only wants his fans on his new venture”

  1. This is no shade to sex workers, it’s a job and bless them. However, imagine having sold millions of records only to resort to porn? I can’t imagine it feels too dignified. When you aren’t famous you can comeback from a career in porn but is it possible to ever truly be respected again as an musical artist (although Chris lost that reputation years before this)?

  2. Chile, there will be no more mystic to any of these Stars anymore! What will we have to font about in years to come? 😱😱😱🤣

  3. What! Chris Brown only fans damn did his money dry up that quickly that he has to charge people $20 for pic of his dick

  4. Television, network and cable converged. Films and TV converged. Radio and newspaper converged. Then, they all converged together. Now, porn and mainstream concepts are converging because of video apps. Soon, theater, porn, film, TV, prostitution holograms/toys, dating, and religion will be fully coonverged.

  5. So Chris is gonna be whipping it out for some change???What happened to his millions?? Guess those lightskinned vixens that he brags about bled him dry, huh??How the mighty have fallen…

  6. Will he become a full blown porn actor like his friend Tyga?

    Remember those days when celebrities had that unreachable mystique? Whew, those days are gone. Now you gotta be an Angelina Jolie type to still have that. Most celebrities are for everybody now thanks to social media

  7. Just Tacky and All Types of Wrong. This cheapens his brand. His management must be non-existent or composed of family members, no way a reputable manager would agree to this Fuckery. I thought this had to be a joke for a star of his stature. 2020 has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that these Celebrities are living beyond their means and are poor money managers. It is too many legit ways that even without hits, he could make a good living. I am sure he will never do porn on his page but just being associated with the Onlyfans logo is not a good look, I could see perhaps Hip Hop Artist but not R&B or Pop stars .Chris probably has a lot of young fans who will log onto Onlyfans only to discover other fan sites that are not appropriate. I really wish he would shut this down, but at the end of the day, I dont pay his bills so he may be in dire financial straits.

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