I Hear It Is Bad Luck To Open An Umbrella In The House

Rain drops falling on my head…

They say when it rains; it pours.
You better hope you have your umbrella or you will get soaked.
Right now in the Concrete Jungle, it is pouring.
Who knew it would also be pouring while I am in the house…

We cannot avoid bad things from happening to us.
We can pray, pay tithes, and even command the assistance of a voodoo priestess,
but we will still find ways to land knee deep in bullshit.
But, how do you make it all go by easier?
Or, do we just have to have faith that things will work out for the best?
Why it is so easy to have faith when things are going our way…

…but when it isn’t, we forget it exists?


Who knew my old job would still be a pain in my ass?
I filed for unemployment about 2 weeks ago and I have not received one payment.
Concerned, I called and ask what was up.
They tell me that my old job has not sent them a follow up letter to allow me to receive unemployment.
On the week that rent is due, I will pretty much be broke until they get word.
That means I can’t go anywhere for my career or buy anything until then.

I tried to keep the faith and hope for the best.
But, deep down inside, I am questioning it all.
I am a good person who tries to do good things,
yet I am always put through these random ass tests that seem to test my patience more than anything else.
I am very grateful for my blessings because it could be worse…
but it burns a little as I prepare to dance within the flames.

“This is why you need a savings account.” a Wolf said to me on the phone.
“I know…”

I really wanted to say:

“Don’t talk to me like I’m a fucking idiot.” 

Especially since he isn’t perfect when it comes to money himself.
I had a savings account.
A nice one.
But, I decided to pay off all my overdue and past bills so I would be okay.
 Who knew I would have been fired fo no reason a month later in “rebuild” mode?

I guess I’ll enjoy cabin fever until I get an answer.
I have no choice so it has all left me so cranky.
Couple months ago, I was working and actually liked my job.

Now, I am broke and playing “The Waiting Game”.

As I lay in bed this morning, my mind started to wonder about this thing called “faith”.
How much faith are we suppose to have before it becomes automatic?
I hear Christians having the “best life ever” because they have unshakeable faith,
but I thought I also had it?
Or, was mine only one because I had no other challenges to face at that moment?
And, with this faith, do things automatically work out? Maybe I need a crash course in Faith Building 101.

Is the idea of faith just an umbrella when shit is hitting the fan?

11 thoughts on “I Hear It Is Bad Luck To Open An Umbrella In The House

  1. Jamari:

    I don’t know how you look but I’m sure you are handsome. I know you are smart because you are a great writer. I know you are a good thinker because you analyze life and comment on it with a sharpness. I know you know you are a good man because your spirit comes through in your blog.

    So let God handle things. The worse thing that could have happened has happened. You lost your job. Things will look up from here.


    P.S. And like I said before I will be in NYC a few weeks and we would love to take you to lunch or dinner. [email protected].

  2. Jamari:

    Almost four years ago I got laid off unexpectedly. it was a shock. Didn’t see it coming since I was a hard worker. But the people I worked for were a bunch of assholes who constantly held me back.

    I was unemployed for about nine months. It was the height of the Great Recession. But I volunteered, took a part-time job, got some freelance writing gigs and soldiered on. I kept the faith.

    Now I’m in a much better job and a much better place in my life. God closes one door to open up two more doors. Believe that. It’s true.

    My advice: Get out of the house and take a walk for exercise. Job hunt hard early in the day and relax and forget about it at the end of the day. Call our creditors and tell them the situation — economically it’s rough and many are more understanding.

    Take care man and holler if you get down.

    [email protected]

    1. ^thank you Immanuel.
      very solid advice.
      i’m going to take many of those things you suggested into consideration.
      one thing i’m learning is i need stronger faith and patience.
      i think that is the biggest learning lesson out of this.

  3. I have been there and done that. It will get better just keep praying and learn from your financial mistakes. No matter what happens always take time to pray. You are stronger than you think.

  4. Im in the same boat with the job situation, I actually left my job because I was fed up, and it has been hell finding a new one, but I dont care because Im trusting in God to work it out. So thank him anyway for what he is about to do for you. I have been carefree with my money, living it up, which is not me, Im always on the save bandwagon, but I lost a great deal of people on last year and it got me to thinking that life has its ups and downs, but when its over its over so I dont worry about bills anymore or savings, because all the stressing and worrying is only gonna take me out faster, Im just enjoying the day and see how the other side live who dont worry and just live to party and have a good time. On my way now to N. Carolina to the CIAA Basketball Tourney, to hang and party with all the Wolves who will be in Charlotte this weekend. “I may be broke but Im still fly”

  5. It definitely will work out. Something better is definitely on the horizon. Trust me. My ex was unemployed for a while. Old employer kind of fucked him over. Went a few months unemployed and being miserable. Now he has a job and is still receiving job offers from companies he submitted his resume to months ago.

    As far as the savings account though, take this as a lesson. You should’ve had more in your savings account to hold you over, even after paying all of your overdue bills (which shouldn’t have been overdue in the first place 😉 ). Money management is key. If you had paid your bills on time when you had a job, they wouldn’t have been overdue. Which means some of them, you could have deferred for a few months. Always plan ahead.

    Keep your head up. 🙂

      1. Just take it as a lesson learned & build from here, so you won’t end up going through it again. We all make mistakes – it’s learning from them that’s the key

  6. As I told you before you will be fine everything will work out in your favor at the end of the day. Faith can be tricky sometimes. I’ve been through so much shit that I don’t even believe in faith, but I know that it exist and my time will come and so will yours.

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