let’s pray for the douche bags, the a**holes, and the scumbags

in this digital age,
what does it take for us to see through the smoke and mirrors?

take the above nonsense from kelly price,
for instance.
po’ po’ kelly price.
it made me think about all the celebs that church folks have wasted prayers on.

Rihanna’s bruised face was everywhere online, yet somehow, we were supposed to pray and forgive Chris Brown while Rihanna was painted as the villain by many in the black community. He went on to get awarded mad BET Awards that same year while BET continued to spite Rih.

R. Kelly preyed on young girls, dated a young Aaliyah, and abused them all. But we were still told to pray for him, while his victims were labeled “fast.”

Megan Thee Stallion gets shot, there’s video evidence, yet Tory Lanez is seen as the victim because she allegedly had a questionable past.

Diddy, with his history of abuse and power plays, makes an “apology” video, and suddenly, he needs our prayers and sympathy. Not only that, the rumors are Cassie deserved that beating because she alleged stole a Rolex from someone worth 800 million and continued to date this alleged “thief” after this.

so on and so forth…
do you see the pattern here?
whenever someone is a victim

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did you try and “pray the gay away” like lil nas x?

i use to say that i wouldn’t wish being black and gay on anyone.
you gotta be strong to endure the shit most of us deal with.
this can be a very lonely and abusive life to live.
lil nas x admitted that he use to try and pray his gay away.
this is what he said in a clip from “cbs this morningwith gayle king

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The Last Of (Mi)…?

tumblr_nvpr68fHfm1rocv2ro1_500i texted her to find out how the procedure went.
maybe i shouldn’t have,
but i was curious.
she responded back…

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Pray and Be Grateful (Double Combo)

praying-hands-emojitake a moment to pray for the homeless out in the streets tonight
it is brutally cold in new yawk (and other states) right now.
single digits of death.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 11.44.07 PMi also want you to pray and be thankful you have shelter tonight.
a warm bed to sleep in.
hot water to take a million showers.
many people cannot afford the luxuries we have,
or lost them all tragically,
so just take a moment to remember that before you complain.
i pray for shelter for anyone on the streets during these frigid times.
no one deserves to suffer out in this weather.
in his name…

What Have We Done To Each Other?

tumblr_lzrvm3CrTF1qgynxpo1_500i don’t know you…
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Pray For Justin Bieber Everyone! Please!

justin-bieber-and-pattie-mallette-stage-momsso justin bieber’s mama pattie mallette wants you to take a moment,
out your busy day,
and say a prayer for her son.
he is struggling to keep it together and she is worried!
he needs a life vest ya’ll!
if we all pray together,
god will send his angels of mercy to help his troubled soul!
this is what she said in a recent interview
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